Game files location for macbook chrome store?.. for modding/cheating

can someone point me in the right direction?.. just want to mod the names and tweak the stats a bit like i do with the rpgs i play… i have no ill intentions, just looking to personalize my game experience…

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For chrome the games are extensions. You can get the extension id from chrome then go look where chrome stores user data on macos.

found it… thanks… the extension folders don’t really say the actual name but i just doubled check the dates… hehe…

I know on Windows it’s a jumble of random letters, they are usually different enough to remember. I just make copies of them and rename them properly to play outside the store-interface.

Does anyone know what happens in Android?

Nope. So what happened in Android?

After a bit of searching, I found it - a settings.xml file. Location - /data/data/org.hostedgames.{name}/shared_pref