Galaxyz: Akasha Arrives[WIP]

I have been thinking about creating another space rpg. Since im a big fan of set in space or futuristic COG games. Currently i have been creating the draft of the story in my free time.

Some of the ideas and concepts would be “based” on titles like mecha ace, a star captains choice, Infinite Space DS, Star Trek, Star wars, Galaxy on fire 2 HD, Stargate Atlantis (I’m sure you know of this great series), and bunch more of set in space COG games. This is ambitious i think.

The game will be about war and diplomacy and is mostly set in space in era after an inter galactic war between earth settlements of different nations in different worlds. You will play as one of the protagonist’s and determine your part in the events that may spark war or inspire peace as you progress through the story that will ultimately lead to a catastrophe. It will have gender choice and protagonist choice so you can have different read, the out come will be fixed but their paths will be different for example your first read will be an earth alliance top pilot and your next read would be his adversary and you chose to kill the top ace, basically whatever you do with the other protagonist the effects will be shown to the next chapter or the current chapter(i will take every consideration for this) this also allows for different romance options like for the earth alliance top ace he will have the option to romance the president while others don’t. I expect it to be long because of different protagonist having different races and parts to play in the story. I also added some quirks to lighten it up a little bit like making the dab as a custom of an alien race. Speaking of which, there will be factions Earth’s “Earth Alliance” included, an elve faction (expectations vs reality), and a very human like aliens.


You can choose from different genders that will have different romance options.
Choose Your Skills and Job that will help you in your story.
Choose you destiny, whether you end up being a false hero or Diplomat of different factions and many more.
A game of war and diplomacy where you will think twice who to trust
Do outright outrageous things like Dabbing in front of the commander… in space.

If i end up creating it and if it would even pass, i’m thinking of making it a long series. If i don’t make the choice script though feel free to ask me for the story i might just give it to you.

Right now it must be vague but soon enough i will be updating it. Your opinion and suggestion are much appreciated. When I’m done with the story you can expect for a test play, if passed. Lastly I’m not confident about the title if you have suggestions it is welcome.

Possible Title of the game

  • Galaxyz: Akasha Arrives
  • Humans are orcs
  • Luck and Misfortune
  • Consequences of [race name will add later]
  • How to be a spacenut 101

“To Valhalla we rise” - Xartogan Armada Commander

Hi all! Thanks for the support for this COG[WIP]. I’m unable to continue this due to some reasons. Apparently i haven’t find any free time to write or even make a choice script. About the story, sadly i don’t have it anymore. Hope somebody creates another great space-set long series COG.


Is this going to be a game focused on war, or on the management of a galactic empire?

It’ll be focused on the war and the protagonist part in it for the first story-game. Like being asked to go on a scouting mission on a uncharted system. The idea of the protagonist ending up managing the whole empire is not a bad idea. One of the protagonist lover has to die first though.

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God, I love these types of space demo, so far I have only seen 1 or 2 demos featuring space… So basically this is like a “humans are space orcs” game?

Don’t know about “Humans are space orcs” but i guess it is one of those.

Basically, the “Humans are space orcs” are about humans is considered strange and scary to aliens.

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