Free Interactive Fiction Writers (Online) Conference - July 15, 2018 - anyone participating?

I saw this on my twitter feed. I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to check it out. Has anyone else heard about it?

It looks like it’s sponsored by some company called Decision Fiction. The schedule for the day is on the page below. I’m pressed for time these days, and my weekends are my precious writing days, but I was considering popping in and listening to a couple of these talks while I work, and I figured I’d let others know about it.

Free + Online = you just sign out if it’s not helpful


Well, there doesn’t seem to be a readily-visible privacy policy other than the words “We respect your privacy.” at the bottom of the page.


The “Decision Fiction” homepage looks to be undeveloped; is a coming soon page.

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Hmm…I guess there is a chance they are trying to solicit some writers to develop content for them if they are a new company?

But why not just say that if that’s the case? There’s no need to be all mysterious.


Interesting, but seems like they should have something besides “Speakers TBA” with the event 9 days away.

Bit odd, but I guess they figure it being online and free no one will care if it’s a last min conformation and schedule. If it’s free, there’s possibly an angle in there somewhere though and it could be seeing who is interested in writing for them. (Kind of suspect it’ll run from the early hours of monday onwards for me, so I’d be unlikely to go anyway.)

BTW, anyone notice they use fake choices? If you select you will or wont register, you get taken to the same register now page lol. (Just found that kind of funny.)

Edit: Small amount of extra info about two of the confirmed speakers on their facebook page: