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Hey! I need some serious help with the formatting of my WIP post. I’ve tried both HTML <> and the non HTML [ ] and some work in some parts of the post and some work in others, and lists don’t work at ALL. I Really, REALLY need help.

This is the code for the page, and the link to the page is HERE

I've begun work on my new game **_Phoenix Rising_**. In it, you play a servant of the Imperial Palace trying to survive the twisty turny harem intrigue. If you can last to your 25th birthday, you'll be free of service, and can leave the palace to live a better life outside. But will you find love within the Palace walls? Or will you climb into your Master's Bed in order to earn yourself a place among the fluttering fairies of the Imperial Harem?

* 5% complete
* 1.5 Chapters
* 18,411 words
* 21,182 words if you include stats. (which includes character relationship statuses and inventory.) 
* Updating every 2 weeks. (May update more than that, depending on how fast I get stuff done.)</details>
<details> <summary><b>Demo</b></summary>To play the demo, go here: [Phoenix Rising Demo](</details>
<details><summary><b>Features</b></summary>*Play as Male, Female or Nonbinary. Even select your own pronouns!
*Select a sexuality which will affect how your character perceives those around you. The options are <b>Allosexual Alloromantic (Romance and Sex go hand in hand!)</b>, <b>Asexual Alloromantic (Sex sucks, but romance is good!)</b>, <b>Allosexual Aromantic (Sex is good, Romance sucks!)</b>, <b>Asexual Aromantic (Keep that romance/sex shit away from me!)</b>
*Use skills like Constitution, Athleticism, Charisma, Education, and Reasoning to navigate your way through Harem Intrigue and the daily rigours of servanthood.
*Are you Bloodthirsty or Honorable? Brave or a Coward? Scheming or Genuine? Chaste or Hedonistic? Personality traits affect your choices!
*Keep track of your possessions or steal from others!
*Relationships can be affected by the trust you have earned! Be careful not to be too suspicious...
*Working on implementing playthroughs with common disabilities, such as mutism, missing limbs, poor eyesight, etc.</details> 
- **Male route says "Eunuch"! Is our character snipped?** NO. It is simply that I needed a male specific, historically accurate term, and I was using Servant for the nonbinary route. Thanks to the magic of the Seal of Purity, none of the servants genitals have been altered in any way, and they CAN in fact have sexual relations. That said, if they're caught it's thought of as going AGAINST the spirit of the Seal of Purity, and so they can and will be punished. Hence why this is low-fantasy. 
- Are you going to put in save slots? - As I intend to put this game up on Hosted Games eventually, I'm not sure I want to implement such things. Not only that, I've tried to do that, and I wasn't able to get it up and running. It errored out the entire game. So I think it's better at this point not to. </details>
* <b>Patreon</b> - Coming Soon
* <b>Discord</b> - In progress

Embark on a captivating journey through an Ancient Chinese Imperial Palace! Choose your path in a Tang Dynasty-inspired era, as you navigate harem intrigue for power or seek genuine love. With options for gay, straight, bisexual and asexual orientations, and the ability to play as male, female or nonbinary, with each Love Interest able to be Male, Female, Nonbinary or a random assortment of these, you can decide your destiny amidst royal drama and romantic pursuits. Experience the rich tapestry of ancient China in this immersive Choose Your Own Adventure Game.

<details><summary><b>TWs: (So Far)</b></summary> Implied Child abuse, On-screen child Neglect, on-screen maiming (if that option is selected), Indentured slavery</details>

<details><summary><b>Planned Love Interests</b> <i>(All love interests can be Male, Female or Nonbinary, individually or as a group)</i></summary><b>Hao Chengling</b>- The Emperor/Empress who rules the country. A stern and stubborn person with a strong sense of justice.
<b>Qin Bolin</b>  - A schemy servant with shitty luck, for whom loyalty is earned and when earned is absolute, until they are betrayed.
<b>Xue Lianlian</b>  - A lofty servant, who loves Zhu Wenqian, and slowly becomes vicious to the PC in order to win Zhu Wenqian's heart.
<b>Zhu Wenqian</b> - An Imperial Guard and brother-in-law to Hao Chengling, who loves the PC, but is socially unable to marry them.</details> 

* If you are submitting errors (particularly code-related ones), it would be really helpful if you could provide a screenshot to go with it. That’ll really streamline my troubleshooting process. (ctrl+windows+s screenshots on windows computers)
* Please feel free to check out updates at my [Nascent Soul Studios]( tumblr page. You can leave comments there, or here. I'll try to answer as many questions as I can, and would love ideas and suggestions! Please keep in mind, I may not use your suggestion, however. 
* I’d also like to see your stats by the demo’s end! It will help me rebalance stats/stat checks for upcoming editions of the demo.

<details><summary><b>Update Log</b></summary> <b>07/15/23</b> - posted Interest check, received almost 20 likes.
<b>07/15/23</b> - Commenced writing
<b>08/10/23</b> - Set Up Tumblr Page. [Nascent Soul Studios](
<b>08/12/23</b> - Created WIP page, and uploaded demo to Dashingdon.></details>

<big>((Please forgive the wonky formatting on this post. I've tried to edit it a ton of times, and it won't fix the lists or the bolding or anything, including linking properly. I'm working with mods to try and get it fixed, but uh... It's as good as it gets right now. Anyone who wishes to help with the formatting is more than welcome to, so long as they DO NOT delete or remove any of the text.))</big>```