Forum Color Themes

Discourse does support light/dark theme switch in preferences tab

It’s not implemented on this forum though. I would love it - it’ll work for both desktop and mobile without third party software.

edit: @RETowers could you please look into implementing this feature on the forum? We’d be very grateful.


Yep I have a “night light” app on my phone that kicks in after dark and adds more Orange into the screen. It’s great.
Edit: sorry just remembered my old phone had the app, my new one has it but in. Worth while checking the settings to see if you have it.

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Whaaaaaaat? Does it cost extra or something? Why isn’t it implemented?

staff, pls, my eyes are dying.


I know… I feel like I’m reading a spotlight… Still trying to find a work around but I’ve honestly just put notes on threads I like and look at them when I get notifications now. I can’t deal with this white background anymore. I must be getting old.

I don’t suppose we could maybe tone the background down from basic white? Maybe November Thames shades? Because the stark white… ow.

Did a quick one, need to tweak (and should probably rename them.) The site icon is an image, so I have to take a moment to figure out how/if I should invert it, hence why the bar at the top is grey and not black.

Oh and please @ me if anything is unreadable, since it was when I first implemented it, and IDK where all the colors are used.


I’m out of likes, but it’s ok because this is incredibly helpful for people like me with sensitive eyes. Thank you! :heart:

I can’t see any issue beyond transparent icons, but if I find anything I’ll be sure to leave a comment in this topic.

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The forum icon is very faint and almost unseeable as I write this… where you usually click to go back to the home page for forums.

Screenshot? I’m messing around with a bunch of stuff basically live, since testing it was annoying without making it live.

Everything looks fine to me?


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Probably because your keyboard’s too big.
Like mine here

Just tap your phone’s back button to “close down” the keyboard, and it should be fine.
Otherwise, @RETowers, is it possible to shrink the size of the writing box?

I don’t think so? And most probably not selectively based on keyboard size.

Yeh, figured as much.
Well, my keyboard’s size can be adjusted manually at here, so it never became a problem.

Btw, if you’re on Samsung’s default browser, guys, swiping down (on the browser’s screen. A big swipe) seems to work too, as doing so will hide the address bar and reveal the web’s top-banner.

Here is a screenshot:

In the upper left corner, the word “FORUM” is barely seen and the icon is transparent.

When I switch themes it takes a moment to update. Does Cmd+Shift+R fix it?

I just did control-shift-r and it worked. Thank you.

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