Formatting Questions for Morons(Me)

So I’m putting together a story; based in alternate history Renaissance, except with magic - for example, the Church worships Augustus, the Mage-God, Father of Modern Magic, the Imperial French Empire is under hot stones against Italy due to their worship of technology, Spain is getting their silver drugs cut off by Indian Voodoo users, etc etc.

Unfortunately, though I have about 20%~ of the story written and ready, I have no idea how to format it. So, some really basic derp questions that I need answering:

  1. How do you let the player choose a name/add it to the stat screen?
  2. How do you have multiple choices leading to the same choice screen?
  3. How do you change a solid value(like say, what country they’re from) and how do you format it in the stat screen?
  4. How do you actually post the thing?

Yeah, formatting is not my best skill.

First, in the startup.txt

*create name “Bob”

Then wherever you want to ask their name

What is your name?

*input_text name

Then on the stat screen you do

  1. Using the label and goto commands.


What is your favourite pie?
        *goto nextquestion
        *goto nextquestion

*label nextquestion

Where are you from?

        *set nationality "European"
        *set nationality "American"

Then on the stats screen just ${nationality}

  1. Using dropbox. has instructions I think.

I have no time to a large post sadly. First is coding not formatting. Second you have to read choicescrip tutorial and choice scrip wiki in the post I need help with choice script where should go?
I would replay your questions but I doubt you have the basic knowledge of code to understand so read the tutorials.

1- in startup file

*create name "unknown"

What is your name?
*input_text name

in choicescript_stats
  text name Name

2_fake_choice or normal choice with the same destine label for instance *goto isabel in all choices leave you same place
3 in startup

*create nation "unknown"

Where are you from?
        *set nation "spain"
        *set nation "china"
         *set nation "rusia"

in stats

  text nation Nation

Damn ninja fairy

I was not aware of the presence of a wiki. I just read the basic tutorial(namely, the stats page and the introduction) which did not mention how to set a name, and each options finished individually into the next scene.