Forgotten Names (WIP) - Updated on 5/7/2021

Chapter 10 starts!

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You’re one of the five Northern Gates Council members. Your territory is strange to say the least, with eerie, sentient woods, and something beyond your border that no one speaks of. You’ve assumed the position as one of the rulers recently, so you’re still trying to figure it out.

That would be hard enough by itself, but one night you receive word from the Silent Throne that you’re being summoned to the court, because something happened. So you must depart immediately.

An uncanny forest, magic, a lost legacy, royal problems and conflict between regions. Welcome to Eblur Kingdom. And be careful not to forget your name .

New stuff
  • parts of chapters 1 and 2 were entirely rewritten.

  • all the choices are now first person POV.

  • the final member of your crew is introduced (and RO).

  • fixed the The/Thea stat problem (I hope for good now)

  • customizable appearance (hair and eyes) - gender was already customizable

  • chapter titles

  • achievements

  • (5/3/21) Something has changed (I changed it, it’s my fault) in Thea/Theo’s background story. It doesn’t affect the present chapters much, but it counts if you want to understand why they refuse the Custodian position. So a bit of chapter 2 was modified (during the dinner conversation, if you want to go back to it).

  • (5/11/21) A couple of scenes with the whole group as you get stuck in a messy situation.

  • (5/11/21) Interactions with Ilzrus and Selim/Aylin in which you find more about them, while walking around a night market.


Theodore Edan Darkwater/Theodora May Darkwater - your childhood friend and a brilliant archer with a snarky personality.

Ilzrus, the Protector - The youngest dragon in the envoy , they are aloof and cold. Or arent’t they?

Selim/Aylin - Introduced as Underdall’s nephew/niece. Charming, but elusive. A sucker for excitement.

Notice about references

Some of the ideas and even parts of text in the meeting-with-Underdall scene were heavily influenced by writings of François de la Rochefoucauld. I will give the references later on, at the end of the game.

There are also some literary references quite obvious in chapter five. I’m going to proceed the same with all of them :slight_smile:

Currently I’m working on chapter 10 and I plan on updating every 3-4 weeks.

To play the demo, go here:


Thank you for taking the time to try it. Enjoy! :slight_smile:
P.S. Feedback is always welcome!


it fun story read wish you luck

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Great story really enjoyed it can’t wait for more.

Its a great story. There is some parts where i found pronoun error, in my story thea should be a young women. At the part where she propose my mc, it should be pronoun as “her” but its written as “his”. Its not an issue for now i think since it still a wip. Overall I enjoyed it a lot, can’t wait for more though. Good job :+1:

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Many place where our childhood friend is called “he” or “him” despite their gender

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@Larva_96 @Manaxaggd Thank you for drawing my attention to this. For the next update I’ll have this problem solved, sorry if it ruined your reading:(

And thank you for the encouragements, it means a lot! @Kiddx @Takashi_Shin


I’m loving the story so far. Will we be able to choose the protagonist’s appearance as well? And could you activate the save option?


This is a good story i like it.


@_cher.b Yep, I’ll activate it, thank you for mentioning. About the protagonist appearance, it didn’t cross my mind really, but I’ll think about where to integrate it. Thanks!


I did enjoy the story, though I admit I was somewhat confused by the world building, specifically on technology.

My current impression is that this is roughly a medieval fantasy, where some modern luxuries are available. For example—spoilers ahead—in my innocence, I made a knightly Warmaster a yoga practitioner, or the other way round. He lives in a castle that has coffee, chocolates, and neon lights on demand, while at the same time people also practice swordsmanship and archery, most likely for a living. I can see that these elements offer potentially more diverse and inclusive options, but it might be worth it to evaluate the necessity of each, for the following reason:

I really don’t mean to be harsh here; I love to see innovative settings, especially in fantasy worlds. But please consider if they may become obstacles for the readers’ immersion—and more importantly—if they may contribute to some plot holes, as in ‘if they had that [modern utility], why didn’t they use it in that [medieval fantasy situation]?’

This is of course but one concern among many for an author. If you feel that making complicated decisions on these would take too much of your time, then just don’t worry about them. For a first game you are doing a great job in coding and the general execution of the story. So congrats on that XD

Oh and a quick question: what is the inheritance system for the members of the Northern Gates Council? For example, does every member get to appoint whomever they like as the successor? Or is it passed on to family members only, etc.?


@Dake_Sparrow wow, thank you for that. And you’re completely right, I will rethink these elements.

As for the inheritance part, the ruling families are always the same, so it’s mostly inside the family, but I took into consideration the option of adopting someone in the family, for them to become heir. The thing is, if there’s more than one child in the family, only the recognised heir will keep the family name after marriage (I was planning on introducing that later on).


I really enjoyed the story, the world building and plot is mysterious and exciting to uncover what is going On in the capital and what exactly we are guarding. If it isn’t too much trouble could you list what exactly each skill does?

@King2 Sure, I promise to do that in a couple of days, when I make an update. I won’t do it now because I still have to make some changes to them. For now, I wanted to see if the story is ok enough for me to continue, so I haven’t fixed them yet.


I love it.Your writing is very soothing i feel like and the story looks promising too.There are just little typos like “he” instead of “she” and vice versa.
I hope you focus on the relationships and try to go for a more layered and intricate approach.
Also it would be cool of you change the relationship stat from a percentage to a Narrative form.It looks cuter imo

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I liked the demo. Good luck! Also, there were misplaced pronouns throughout the playthrough. For example my best friend was Thea, but I often stumbled upon male pronouns when referring to her.

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@K_M Yes, I agree with you on focusing on the relationships, The protagonist’s relationships with the others (not only romantic) will be an important part of the story. The story is a lengthy one (if everything goes ok) and I didn’t want to rush things. But I plan on fleshing out these elements as the story goes on.
And the ‘he/she’ problem is going to be solved (I hope completely) the next time I make an update.
Thank you for the feedback!


The link is not working

@Kxng sorry, I made some changes and I was going to replace it in a moment. This should work

(I’m going to make an update with it shortly).


This is really good I love everything about it :+1: except the second parent :confused:


I have started reading it and, the more I read it, the more interested I am. Keep the good work :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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