Font color?

So, I’m trying to change the font text colour for my book which shows attack, defence, magic attack, magic defence and Energy attacks and energy based defence. Is there a way to show different font colours? There was a way but it was only to change back ground colour and only for the “Next chapter” button.

There’s no way without using JavaScript.


Yes, you can change the colour of the text as a whole, the same way you’d change the background of the Next button, by tweaking the CSS.

But no, if you want a way to change only a few pieces of text here and there. Like I said, you’d need to intervene with JavaScript for that.

Edit 2:

In one of my abandoned projects (:sob:) I experimented with this idea. Create a file called utils.txt and paste the contents below:

*label replace
*params pattern raw
*comment Replaces all instances of a pattern with a raw string.
*comment Example: 
*comment "Hello, :1234:!"
*comment *gosub_scene utils replace ":1234:" "<span style=\"color: tomato\">World</span>"
*comment Output:
*comment Hello, <span style="color: tomato">World</span>!
*script setTimeout((pattern, raw) => { const p = new RegExp(pattern, "g"); const text = document.querySelector("#text"); text.innerHTML = text.innerHTML.replace(p, raw); [...document.querySelectorAll("#main > form label")].forEach(label => label.innerHTML = label.innerHTML.replace(p, raw)); let button = document.querySelector(""); if (button) button.innerHTML = button.innerHTML.replace(p, raw);}, 100, stats.scene.temps.pattern, stats.scene.temps.raw);



Thanks you guys! <3

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Not quite sure if this is what you’re after, but I used to love the background and text colour change mod that would easily allow changes from page to page (can’t be used in published games though.) Uncertain if it is still functioning with the current CS build though.

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