Fightin' Fifths! (New game) 8/11/20

Hello! First off, Black Lives Matter!

I’ve begun work on my new game Fighting Fifths. In it, you play a highschool student balancing their social life, a job, a club, grades and a mission from your parents all at the same time. (The mission to be revealed a bit later in the demo) Harkmouth Academy may seem like a perfect school from a distance, but you’ll get the change to be up and close with every single one of its secrets.

Currently I don’t yet know how long this will be, though I plan on updating about every 2-3 weeks.


There are 6 ROs in the game. 2 female, 2 male, and 2 gender-choice. 4 of the ROs are pansexual, 1 is bisexual, 1 is a lesbian. I plan to have 1 poly route in the game.


All RO art is coming later!


Male. Pansexual. Your best friend of 10 years. 5’ 9", short, kinky black hair, medium-brown skin, blue eyes.


Female. Lesbian. A friend you met through Jordan. She’s yet to warm up to you, even after so long…
5’ 0", back-length red hair, pale skin, hazel eyes.


Female. Bisexual. Jordan’s older sister. 5’ 6", shoulder-length kinky black, deep brown skin and blues eyes. A ‘boss’ of the school.


Male. Pansexual. Marabelle’s older brother ‘William’. 5’ 10", wavy, chin-length red hair that’s usually tied back into a ponytail. Green eyes and tanned skin. A ‘boss’ of the school.


Gender-choice. Pansexual. A mysterious fifth. 5’ 3" with dyed green hair, silver eyes and ebony skin.


Gender-choice. Pansexual. I will refrain from saying too much about this RO until you meet them in game…

Edits I’m looking for:

  • Any options you thought you should’ve/wanted to have that you didn’t.
  • Typos!
  • Issues with the flow of the story. There’s just the prologue right now, so there isn’t much to go off of.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to reply the least spoiler-ish way I can.


Hello! First off, I like the idea.
I tried the demo, but the game stuck after I chose my pronoun (apparently appearance0.txt was not found?)


I second this. There’s also an infinite loading screen when trying to see the stats.
But I will say that the game sounds quite interesting!

@Diandra It is, indeed, fixed. It’s possible to play till the end!

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@Dariel @Kenny_Reynaldo
Thank you, it should be fixed now!


Hey… I like the plot of the game but I just wanted to know what is your perspective of the MC like in some books the MC is a complete underdog… And in some he is a handsome man everyone wants to date… So I just wanted to ask what do you have in your mind


I really want to have the MC come off as the inexperienced freshman they are, until they get later into the game. You’re not a complete underdog, but you definitely don’t start off as anyone powerful. You will have plenty of opportunities to build your influence though. At the beginning, you’re on the weaker side.

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Hey, this was pretty cool! The concept looks really interesting and the writing up until now has been solid as well. And the customization options were something I never saw before, at least not in CS. Definitely going to follow this one :grin:

Good luck!

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And yes I Would love to see some tournament like sports, wrestling and if you have Watched the movie flipped you would know what the Basketboys are… I would love to see something like that in the game but It’s up to you

It’s a pretty good start. I can already get a feel for Jordan and Marbella. Good amount of play customisation and you have a lot of choices without feeling unnecessary. I’m going to wait until you update just a little more before doing a couple more play tests.

All and all interesting plot and I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.


you got me on a secret mission can’t wait to know more

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Cool demo! Quick question: can we choose our height here? It would have been cool if we could choose our height and it would have affected the characters around us in subtle ways, for example they had to look up or look down at us given the fact that the ROs, for instance, were provided with their height measurements. Though there’s no need for a change if you don’t want, I was just wondering. Good luck :+1:

I like it so far :slight_smile: I will keep an eye out for the update, what I can say is try to add some page_break in some scene to avoid them displaying too long when people play on phone :slight_smile: keep on the good work.

Pretty interesting. There is not a lot yet but I kind of enjoyed pretty much what we has. The last scene, un the english class with the teacher I think It was very well accomplished, I just can’t wait to keep reading it!!

I have played your WIP and it looks interesting.
I like the creation of the MC :ok_hand::ok_hand::heart_eyes: you can add the choice of the height :ok_hand::ok_hand: looking for the future updates :+1::+1:

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Never been a fan of forced family member’s in games but other than that not bad so far.

I’m the 69th like.


Is there a customization during the mirror scene?

So far the demo’s been pretty good! The way you write is very engaging, and I already am forming attachments to the other characters (e.g. Jordan; lol we’ll see how I feel about Marabelle later). Our parents seem to have shady professions and an equally shady mantra about truth and lying lol, so I’m interested to see where that goes.

I’m excited for the next update!

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