Feelings about the game telling you about stat increase/decrease?

Hello people, how do you feel about the game telling you when a stat have increased/decreased?
For example, in choice of robot if you select metal for the robots body you get (+Military), thus informing the user that the stat Military has increase.
I ask because I was considering to do something similar in my own game.
So how do you feel about it?

Personally I like it, but I can see how it may remove/break immersion for other.

I believe it is a mixed bag amount readers. I myself in enjoy them and have added them to my game. However, I have an option at the start of the game to turn off Stat notices.

That is a good idea, might do the same, thanks. Though still am curious as to what the rest of the people think.

This question’s been asked quite a few times before. The general consensus tends to be, add the option to turn it on/off.

Telling the reader when their stats change is the most recent one I think. Feel free to post there.