Fear of copying other stories

So I’ve been working on a superhero game for a couple months now and I have also taken a liking to checking out the other supehero CoGs and HGs. However, I am a bit worried that my story is beginning to look like a rip-off of other stories.

In my story, it details a world where a hierarchy of superhero powers is present, leading to those with mediocre and harmful power being discriminated against by those with more powerful abilities.

I am worried that this concept is ripping off Heroes Rise and The Hero Project.

My second worry deals with my characters. One of my characters has the ability to cast a force field, but it only covers their body whenever they hold their breathe, making them invulnerable. Another character has the ability to telekinetically control their hair, but it is limited by their actual hair length.

At first, I thought these were sound ideas since they changed the roles the powers used to serve. The force field character is now a lot more aggressive than most force field characters and the hair control character now uses their powers for hand-to-hand combat than it’s standard long-ranged melee attack role.

However, I feel as though these characters feel way too similar to Stoic and Tress from Community College Hero (not to mention the story concept’s emphasis on power levels similar to the ones found in CCH)

Have there every been similar situations between others like this? Was it okay? Should I rework certain aspects of my story?

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