FATE-a futuristic dark gothic rpg

Alright, here goes nothing. I’ve been working on this world I’ve been creating, and have finally created enough of it to open it to story development for a CoG game. The game ( as I see it) would be quite lengthy, probably being three to five releases long.

Without further ado, here’s the rundown.

The year is 5126. The universe is divided from a civil war, in which The God-General took up arms against the Royal Family and their closest noble supporters. The houses divided themselves, each settling under either the God-General or the Empress. The war lasted about fifty years, with the royalty emerging victorious, and the losing houses punished. It was decided that in order to ensure that a similar rebellion would never occur again, the heads of the Royal houses- Thane, Vacary, Sabine, and Maxis- would always remain in itter control of all martial aspects of life, while the losers were assigned agriculture, manufacturing, etc. The houses never openly wage war, but many if them really dislike one another. I’ll just give a brief description of each house and what they do so far.

THANE- Feared by all, the House Thane is the secret police of the galaxy. They each have ultimate authority to do as they please, and are never required to offer explanation for anything. Well, actually it’s a bit more complex than that. They have different what are called “bloodlines” within the house structure, each with unique genetic traits. There is a ruling council of the three “Royal” or pure blood bloodlines- Iudex, Carnifici, and Jurata. There are many other minor houses. I made a full list of who they are and what they do but it’s really really long so unless it see some real inquiries about it I won’t bother typing it all up. The members of House Thane are essentially the inquisitors, untouchable and completely unfair. Their homeworld is actually also the most secure vault in the world, and contains the mineral standard backup for the intergalactic currencies of the Empire. Needless to say, only the best and brightest are inducted into house Thane, and more often than not, the cruelest and most ruthless as well. (I have a lot more about them, this is just general ideas.)

Vacary- The military elite. These soldiers are picked at a very young age, and they wear the armor of their predecessor. The armor can interface with its wearer on a genetic level, passing down the skills, memories, and traits of the generations before into the current users brain. For example, if someone died because they used one close combat move and it was countered by a move, the next person to wear that suit would automatically recognize that situation and take appropriate action. This basically means that they get better every generation. The soldiers of this house are proud and noble, and despite the fact that they were on the same side during the Great War, they really hate House Thane. This is because they do not respect anyone who uses underhanded trickery(not skill, that they like) to gain victory. They also hate the Thanes for the fact that every year several of their recruits are taken away by the Thanes and gemeticaly modified into house thanes attack dogs. They become faster, at the cost of strength, but lose their ability to speak and communicate effectively. On another note, the Vacary Knights are the pinnacle of human capability- they are perfect in every respect that relates to combat. All of them are master tacticians, and battle strategy is crucial to their training.

Maxis- Simply put, the royalty. I need some real ideas for these guys, cause so far all they are is a cool name and a lot of money and power. But I suppose that’s more than enough.

Sabine- they handle trade and commerce. Not a single credit gets spent that they don’t know about. They also handle all intergalactic shipping, think like space usps, with military protection. They are known to be shrewd and wise, but lack in any sort of aggressive maneuvering, social or political.

I think I should mention that the ppl don’t get born into the houses, they get selected by the members of each house, and the best candidates and most desirables are auctioned off to the highest bidder, which is almost always Thane or Sabine.

Alright I have stuff do do now, but will complete this later on.


@JanusVonDul - the update idea actually seems pretty awesome…idk I’ll have to think about it

@JanusVonDul - When I say one whole game though, that doesn’t mean I’m going to skimp on content. The game will be massive, and I plan to make it in a way that it will take several hours to complete only one of the five separate and very distinct storylines. I have the first chapter of the prologue almost ready to be coded, and hopefully have a more complete demo ready soon.

Nice, can’t wait for the demo. If I have any ideas, I’ll let you know.

FATE is the name of a Pencil and Paper RPG system BTW. It’s even spelled in all caps if I remember correctly.

@MSox99 - thanks, I’ll be posting more once I get home.

@Shoelip - damn… Well thanks actually, I’ll be sure to change up the title, and and all suggestions would be welcome.

Cyberpunk 5126? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I like the sound of this. Sounds vaguely like A Song of Ice and Fire in space :stuck_out_tongue: Looking forward to a demo.

Yeah, I described it in the wip thread as being GoT+WH40K+Space

I wonder if there is a GOT choose your own adventure?

“You awake in the morning.”

  1. Stretch and yawn. “You died.”
  2. Look out the window. “You died.”
  3. Stay as far away from the spotlight as possible so as the avoid the author’s attention. “You died in obscurity.”

I feel like writing this story in the following manner- each player takes an evaluation test to determine their characters house (or you ca just choose it, I guess), and each house has a unique and very long storyline, filled with choices that reflect the responsibilities and mannerisms of the characters and such. This will take work, but I hope to make this thing as epic as I can. Annoy hard. In here to let my players tell their own story, not die when they wake up.

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I was just making a joke about ASoIaF’s/GoT’s penchant for killing off characters.

Seems promising.
Then somehow it would be “4 adventures in 1” ? Or are you planning some common ground between each ?

Anyway I’ll keep an eye on that project

As for the title, it’s a little hard to suggest a new one at this point.
If I stay on the “fate” idea, I guess “Destiny” could work but it probably is already used somewhere.

Actually, I haven’t compiled the full list of houses. There will be nine different playable, but fourteen total. Of you choose to play as a house that was on t losi side of the war, and could try to improve ur houses standing either diplomatically or inciting rebellion.

@Altan - As for bringing the stories together, I have to figure out what I want to do there. I don’t particularly like it in a game where no matter how different each MC you make is, they always end up in the same situation in the end. I plan on characters from across all nine houses to be constantly bringing their stories together, to the point that you might be able to spot these moments after a few playthroughs. Each story has it’s own goal, but is set up to a background of increasing tensions between the Victor Houses and the Vanquished.

As for the name, I’m sure it will come in time.

I’ll be posting a full house, faction, and lore list tomorrow afternoon.

@Altan Destiny is Bungie’s newest cross platform MMO FPS release. It’s going to be HUGE. As in billions. So yeah, probably don’t want to pick that either.

@Shoelip (GoT) HAHAHAHA! I’ve enjoyed your recent posts, man.

OP, your idea sounds interesting. The houses choosing the applicant/member idea is cool, reminds me of Thrawn in Timothy Zahn’s Outbound Flight book (Star Wars expanded universe). His “brother” is actually just a member of his house, and they were both “adopted” just like everyone else in the house. It can get complicated because they hate to betray one another but have to for the good of the house/family.

Thrawn was chosen because of his tactical ability and relentless logic, but naturally it made him rub his own house the wrong way. I think he’d fit into Thane, and in fact his job is basically to police his section of the galaxy.

I’m not saying your idea is not original, I actually like it a lot. Perhaps you could collaborate with someone and get several different arcs written? Let me know if you need any coding help, I’d appreciate a break from my current project (writer’s block.) I like helping other people’s ideas come to life, but I hate coming up with my own sometimes.

Ideas for the Maxis: Could they be more exclusive than the other houses? Longer-lived, as well? Kind of like the vampires in Underworld? Perhaps they are the ones in charge of dealing with extraterrestrial negotiations/threats? Maybe they have special abilities that enhance their roles as nobility (pheromones, mind control, telepathy)? Lighter or darker-skinned? Other physical characteristics/clothing choices that differ them from the others? Maybe it’s an honor-based society in which only the weak are allowed to be part of the aristocracy and the strong fight for them out of duty? I don’t know, just spit-balling here.

@CitizenShawn - thanks, I might actually need help coding this one. As for multiple arcs, I have been working with one of my friends on this for a while now, and we are in the process of developing malleable but distinct stories for each choice.

As for house Maxis, awesome ideas there! I could see them being longer lived, with a certain divine look to them.

As for house thane, the actually bid on their recruits based on their genes, and incorporate the most desirable parts of anyone’s nature into their bloodlines, and the purer the bloodline, the richer they are, and the more power they have. I actually envisioned the Thane Lords, Jurata, Iudex, and Carnifici, being quite similar to vampire lords in the sense that they are immeasurably ancient and powerful.

As for the whole “strong and weak thing” it’s true with house Vacary, their training consists of being dumped on a jungle planet where every living thing is trying to kill you, and told to survive for month. When they come back a month later, about a third of the recruits are almost always dead. But the survivors are now HARDCORE.

FMV, no problem, I’d love to help. Just message me whenever you want to get to work!

For Vacary, maybe they aren’t as hardcore as they seem? PTSD or something for a character viewpoint?

For the Thanes, I like genetic “choosing” and “breeding” in science fiction. Very cool. Maybe some of the Thane Lords are actually not ancient, but exact genetic clones of their predecessors, raised by their “fathers” to take their place?

I could see mental instability as a definite factor with the Vacary, they can’t be perfect. Great idea for the lords, little details like that help make it all more terrifying and fleshed out.

Here’s what our first write-up about the selection process was.

They don’t take a test to see which house thru get in- they are monitored through an inserted chip in their brain for a period of six years from the age of ten through sixteen. They are then selected and “bidding wars” occur if one house prefers one candidate at the same time as another house. It’s kind if like the NFL draft, the house with the most power goes first. Surprisingly the exception to this is that both the Royal House and the Blades go first. Neither of them has chosen a candidate in years, and a plot point could be two characters- one alien who is the first if it’s kind to become a member of the royal household, while another character will be the first human inducted into the blades.