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Here’s an update to House Thane.

House Thane

Founded by Lord Titus Aurelius Thane in the 18th millennium, House Thane remains the most feared house of all. Little is known of the internal working of this great house, but there is no doubt as to whether its members are more than human. It could also be said that they are less than human. House Thane is tasked with the protection of the government and the Emperor. Under their gaze, no one is beyond scrutiny. They exist only to give the people a greater fear than that of each other. Their practice of wearing masks that mimic the features of any who they are speaking to reinforce this, and, of course, their martial prowess. The only house that is more renowned as combatants is the House Vacary, the “Fist of the Empire”. Of course this is balanced out by the fact that House Vacary’s generals are thoroughly under the thumb of House Thane, eliminating any possible chance of revolt by any real competition. The agents of house Thane embrace decadence, and never cease to outdo all but the highest nobles on Nova Terra. Another interesting note is that they never show their faces, and all members of their order technically cease to officially exist after they join. Instead they wear featureless white masks, and the masks of the lords of each bloodline within house thane wears masks that morph to mimic the face of whoever that are currently speaking too.

…and here’s a few more short descriptions of more of the houses.

House Parthis

House Parthis is the most beloved of the great houses. They are in charge of food production and processing, as well as clean waste disposal and recycling. They lead a very relaxed, down to earth lifestyle.

House Hexis

House Hexis is the military R&D department. They design literally EVERYTHING that can kill ANYTHING. They have amassed great wealth through the exclusive “contracts” they perform for various houses.

House Bulku

House Bulku has one of the largest workforces of any house, as it is the manufacturing and construction house. They build EVERYTHING, even entire planets. As a result they work most closely to house Hexis. They have even made entire planet cores into factories.

House Belmont

The Belmonts are a name that people can see everywhere in major metropolitan places. They are essentially the media, and control every aspect of what people see in their daily lives through any sort of multimedia. Think like a giant censorship and filtering organization. They ensure that no one hears about what goes wrong, what doesn’t work, and any similar anti-gov media. At any point, any disgruntled or ambitious member of this house could theoretically put an end to the Empires stability.

House Rhyne

House Rhyne is one of the smallest houses (idk if I will make this one playable). They deal in the arts and culture. Of course, everything they do has to be screened by House Belmont. However, one well-placed price of shocking and revolutionary art can bring about change…

Rhyne also deals with smaller things, like decorum, etiquette, and so on and so forth.

House Ducote

The Ducotes have always been the financial managers of the Empire. Not a single credit passes through anybody’s hands that they don’t know about. Members of this house are Immeasurably wealthy, and are trusted and respected by all the houses. As a result of their wealth and status, the Ducotes have access to nearly unlimited resources of any kind.

I like where you’re going with the Thanes. Coincidentally, one of the villains in my games name is Aurelius Tiburon! O.o

I think it would be interesting using the chip monitoring process as a prologue; you make the major decisions for those six years of your characters life, and the houses will bid on you depending on what choices you make?

I’m really excited for it. I’m not sure the Hexis or Bulku or Parthis would be very interesting playable races, either.

Also, who gets the money when you are selected? You? Who is your family?

@CitizenShawn - We had it set up at first that people were taught to let go of their children at the age of nine. They would be taken away by( Haven’t written up their bio yet) house Warwick, and brought to the Academy. The academy is essentially a world-sized space station where all children between the ages of nine and sixteen are raised. As a parent you are expressly forbidden to ever attempt to make contact with your child. During these years the children are (unbeknownst to them) tested and evaluated, watched and observed. Then they are auctioned off to the houses. Parents receive money from their children going to the academy, but not much. It is the child who receives their dues in full. The three houses you mentioned will probs not be playable.

Of course, all of this can be changed up, but yeah, I think an intro like that would work well. Perhaps the MC reminiscing about their past?

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House Warwick

The Warwicks love and honor the preservation and pursuit if knowledge and wisdom above all other things. They oversee the education of all children at the Academy. The energy-wielding battle ages of the Imerial Admiralty are also educated here. This creates a unique situation where you begin your young adulthood as a member of the Warwicks, but then transfer to House Baincroft, or the Admiralty.

House Baincroft

Otherwise referred to as The Admiralty, House Baincroft has the honor of commanding the most powerful naval force in the galaxy. Homes inside a huge structure called The Construct, the Admiralty are the defense of Nova Terra and all the colonies and homeworlds in the human empire. They often recruit those among us who are tactical and quick-thinking.

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It sounds like you’ve put a lot of work into it. Yeah, I would definitely do something at the age of 9, then a few more decisions on what you as a child focused on, and then a scene about being accepted/chosen by a House. I assume you have little say in where you are going?

It might be easier for you to focus on the war/battle occupied houses, that way each house you get selected in will have something to do with the same conflict, and can interact with the others. If you are selected by the Warwicks to undergo future training, the obvious end goal would be for you to be an Imperial battle mage, otherwise you’d just end up a scholar, right?

@CitizenShawn - Yeah, the ultimate goal for players who want to be mages and all that would be Warwick first, then Admiralty. But, if a player wanted to have an experience similar to, say, a more objective big-picture kind of thing then going straight to the admiralty where they could work their way up ranks could work too. Actually the Warwicks have their own “mages” but they practice pure energy projection, while the Admiralty’s battlemages channel energy to enhance their physical capabilities more than simply toss out some magic missiles and such. But I think most player could choos a Mage path, the. At a certain point, based off of the decisions they make at the academy, they will either be called to the admiralty, or called by the academy headmaster. I think at that point there should be an option to deny the invitation (just for mages at this stage) and let them try the other if they want, but maybe their stats won’t help them very much if they are more suited to the other.

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@CitizenShawn - is there a more direct way to contact you? I’m pretty sure we can start making a demo for the intro and all that prologue stuff fairly soon, all we have to do is devise a stats system, which I will definitely need a lot of help doing.

Sure I’ll PM you my gmail address. You can email me/use Google Drive perhaps?

Yeah, I’ll set up a drive or plus thingy, whatever they’re called on google drive. I forget.

You just need a gmail/google account. It will ask you to do Google Plus, you don’t have to, it’s practically useless. Drive is included.

Alright, random announcement to all two ppl probs following this thread-work on the demo is inderway(kind of).

I will be (by suggestion from @CitizenShawn, many thanks to him) I will be changing both the name of the thread and the game to Chosen Empire.

lol just realized i have no clue how to rename a thread. Don’t i feel stupid… :expressionless:

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That’s better if there is more than one possible end. Good to know. Thanks for the answer.
And good title if I might add :slight_smile:
House Belmont actually seems pretty interesting.

Here’s the demo link. It’s only two scenes from the prologue, but it’s a start and will be updated a lot. Once again , my eternal thanks to @CitizenShawn for doing the coding magic!


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