Family name


Hi, I’m still learning choice script, so forgive me if this is a bit simple, but for my game, I tried making two families to join(The Virii and the Brantii, two fictional families in the Roman Senate during the First Punic War). I got everything else to work right, but I’m having trouble setting the family names. I tried to just do *set family Virii or *set family Brantii but that didn’t work. How do I successfully set them? And use them later in the game?


You need quotation marks so

*set family “Virii”

And for later in the game just do

${family} and that’ll display the word.

Or *if family=“virii” if you’d rather


Alright, I did that and it came up with an error "non existent variable ‘family’ "


Oh, I think I got it! :slight_smile: i went back up to the top and did *create family “” like i did with the PC name. Thanks for your help.