Falling out of choice and can't see why

I’m having trouble with falling out of choice

The error I’m getting is QUICKTEST FAILED
Error: junglepath line 45: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

My code looks like this:

		The path ahead splits
				The jungle presses in on you from either side and forces you into walking single file down the path. The jungle canopy above makes it feel almost as if you are walking down a tunnel. In front of you is a large white toadstool with red spots. It is the size of a large chair. 
				“It seems the hookah smoking caterpillar is having a day off“ says Lady Jane.
					#Walk around it
						"Red cap means stay away" you say to yourself as you steer around the giant mushroom.
						*goto notclown
					#Kick it
						“Watch this!” you shout and kick the puffball with all your might. 
						*set clown true
						Instantly an enormous cloud of brown spores explodes from the mushroom and covers you all in a thick cloud of choking dust. It becomes extremely hard to breathe and you feel your head swimming until you lose consciousness.
						You wake up with a headache and a dry throat. Looking around your companions are still sleeping so you wake them. You shake the snoring Sir Malcolm on the shoulder and he turns round to look at you groggily. With shock you can see that his face has been painted blue and his nose a bright red! His reaction to your face confirms that you have both been similarly decorated.
						“This is a big problem Jack” says Sir Malcolm.
						“I know. Who the hell is going to tell Lady Jane!”
						*if (jaguar = true)
							*goto dead
						*if (jaguar = false)
							*goto notdead1										
				The long grass that borders the path starts rustling ahead of you. It parts and a group of four small, loin clothed men stand in front. They do not appear friendly. This is confirmed when a spear thrown by the group whistles past your ear and you observe their war paint and the shrunken heads that hang from their necks like jewellery.
				You must fight the
				[b]Head Hunters[/b]
				[b]Skill 7, Stamina 8[/b]
				*label headhunter_fight
						*goto roll_dice_loop
					*if (gun = true) #Use gun
						*if (bullets_number > 0)
							*goto set_bullet_damage
						*if (bullets_number = 0)
							*goto click
					*if (instant_win = true) #Insta Win
						*goto win
					*if (knuckle = true) #Use Knuckle-Duster
						"Let's see if two heads really are better than one"
						*goto roll_dice_loopk

As usual, despite the impossibility, quicktest will always assume a non-passing situation (fails *if) whenever it finds a check. In your snippet, you have a lot of *if without *else as an “escape check” for QT when they fails the check.


Brill - many thanks! owe you a :beer:


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