Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread! (Book One)

Anyone know how to get chummy with Argent?

@VelvetDivine Hi. Um so form what i know you should joke to ease the tension before going into her mind then choosing to make Argent like you while in her mind and also choosing “Tired concern” just before leaving her mind. There might be more that can be done but this is all that I know of in Rebirth that will increase your relationship bar with her. I hope this helps.


Interesting theory here, but does anyone think Ortega might not be entirely opposed to your villainy? I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something about “understanding where they’re coming from” (“they’re” meaning the villain you become), even if he doesn’t agree with the tactics? Just a thought.

Also, really, really loved how this was written, especially with the feelings of uncertainty. Also, the possibility of a past relationship with Ortega and the possibility of still-present feelings for him definitely added to the feeling of being torn between two paths.

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“Understanding” and empathy doesn’t mean accepting and supporting. I do believe Ortega will be important in defining the future relationships between the MC and the other Rangers for better or worse.


I Absolutely loved this choice story, I can’t wait to read the sequil! I’m new to this site.

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If you really can’t wait there is an alpha for proof-readers and feedback going on on another thread. You can read the first parts already.


Since it was a massive pain in the ass for me to find a way to keep my arrogance high enough to name my villain Sidestep, I decided to try and update a previous post made by @zenbu.

  • I smile threateningly at him (+9)
  • This is too important, I will go and collect it myself --> I pause to listen in and look at the devastation (+16)
  • I will telepathically push him to escalate this confrontation --> This is getting fun, how far can I push him? (+6)
  • I wish I could’ve told them who I was (+5)
  • No, I can handle it (+5)
  • Rose might come in handy, I’ll give her a hand (+4)
  • Embezzle the rich (+9)
  • I wanted to see if I could possess her (+5)
  • Look forward to teaching them a lesson (+4)
  • This is the only home I’ve known (+2)
  • Yes, I am still a telepath (+2)
  • I just didn’t expect it had anything to do with the Rangers (+2)
  • I’m flattered (+1)
  • Suppressed annoyance (this will not increase arrogance but the other option decrease it)
  • I feel amazing I need to check out how I look (+4)
  • Excited. I can’t wait to get this started (+5)
  • I want maximum damage (+3)

This should give you high enough arrogance to use the name, even if you accidentally choose options that lower it.


I wish you would add some unique dialogue for naming yourself Heartbreak.


Dr. Mortum is the Edna Mode to my Mr. Incredible.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


Hi ! I don’t know if this has been pointed out yet, but the Mirror Images achievement doesn’t work with a Middle Eastern character…

there is a word missing in game, in the part where you go up into the rafters and the regene is up there too and attacks Psychopathor @malinryden




Gave in to all the mentions in ‘best games of the last few years’ thread, and got this. I found it interesting to take a high-charm-social-predator character from a previous COG and reinvent them as a homely, tormented villain who uses a puppet corresponding to their appearance in the earlier game to play the part of a high-charm-social-predator. That’s probably representative of something? My character was Natalie St Elme, the mixed-raced bisexual Frenchwoman who I deployed in Vampires and the Eagle’s Heir to basically romance every realistically possible love interest. All the trouble she’s going through in Fallen Hero is probably karma for sleeping with Queen Victoria’s husband, but she did finally reunite with her true love, Clotho from Vampires, in the form of Dr Mortum.


finally back with more fic and an (old) edit! i’ve been inspired / motivated lately, so hopefully i’ll create more soon :slight_smile:





The kiss is a soft and teasing one. Familiar.

You’ve been sharing a lot of them during these past months. Tentative ones. Shy ones. Bold ones where both of you could have gone further, but you always stopped.


Kissing is a controllable insanity. Flirting with disaster. Flirting with Ortega. (x)

too blind to see
set before book one / rebirth.


Ortega’s in the middle of slipping his shirt over his head, his back to you. He’s cursing, in Spanish you think, but you can’t be sure. You’re too busy watching the muscles in his back ripple with every movement. He’s badly bruised, and bandaged.

And you’ve never seen a more riveting sight.

let down your hair
f!ortega/f!mc (oc)
set before book one / rebirth. hints of revolution spoilers.


She’d sit, silent and unmoving, as they regularly buzzed her hair short, until the prickling hair gave way to smooth skin. Their tests often required them to attach wires and tubes to her cranium; the hair hindered their machines.

Still, when days would pass and the hair would regrow, she would lie in her bunk and run the pads of her fingers over her skull. The short, raised hair jabbed at her digits as if in irritation. In rebellion.

It was one of the only times her mouth would stretch into a slow, soft smile.


Something that I love about this game is the fact that we can get “good” and “bad” endings but never an ending that’ll cut off as soon as you “die” without any thought put into it all. It just sticks with the theme that Malin has been trying to portray. There is virtually no losing. No good. No bad. Just an ending that is up to you to decide whether it’s justified or not.

I know we don’t know any endings, but keep in mind I based this off asks I’ve been looking into lately.:slightly_smiling_face:

decided to check the code and found some stuff in chapter06 that can’t be reached due to the game checking the wrong variable


it should be sex = “male”, not gender

i should really stop looking at things with the eyes of a programmer :laughing:


smh i found a missing word when ortega calls you while you’re testing your armor and you tell them that you were busy


*if heartbreak = “gun”
“I know.” There’s a moment of hesitation. “I had a nightmare last night. Of you putting that in your mouth.”
*goto phonecall

should be “Of you putting that gun in your mouth.”

found another thing in chapter08 directly at the start


looked at the code and found the problem
the slash at the bold tag shouldn’t be there, and a line_break is missing

found yet another thing in chapter10


thing is, i have chosen telepathy and speed for the suit, so i don’t even have the exoskeleton
i did hurt ortega tho when i hesitated, launched into an angry monologue and then threatened them
dunno if that was supposed to happen

sobs i’m sorry for this but for some reason i spot the smallest things when i try to play in a specific way
also i love to look at the code behind of things-


Is there a fan art thread somewhere?

No, we keep most of that on the tumblr!


Thank you! Going to contribute a little :>

Playing this got me thinking; In cape media, what’s the difference between hero and a villain? And why is it always pronounced so overtly? By this I mean for example heroes having to register as heroes and being recognized as heroes.

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