Factions Sequel anyone?


I am thinking about continuing with the sequel to Factions: Raids of the Divided. If anyone would like to assist feel free to message me. Let me know if you guys even want a sequel I realize this game didn’t get the best of reviews (still getting nightmares on some of the more colorful 1 stars, hehefake laugh) I think the sequel can be better.


sounds good, will it have the same characters as the first one? also reviews dont really matter what does matter is that you made money

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I’m still waiting for more feedback but the plan as of now is to involve the characters already introduced a bit more and maybe split forces. We shall see :smiley:

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Geez,you should change your name into ‘Capitalist’


im not speaking for myself im talking about him and about the fact reviews dont really determine sequels on this site

will there be romance in the game?

Yeah quite possibly :sunglasses:

Four years and more vengeance than can possible be contained and must be unleashed with interactive fiction creativity.

First I must gather an editor so we may fix Factions 1
I haven’t started on Factions 2 but with an editor, Factions 2 shall happen.


I liked the first story, if you are making a sequel, I would like to help and give feedback!

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By I haven’t started I mean I’ve done as much work as Spongebob did in that one episode where all he wrote for his essay was ‘The’


Feel free to message me with ideas and other stuff you might think would be helpful. And thank you for your reply.

Are you planing to shift it to make it a warfare/kingdom game, like each fractions a kingdom?

So I ended up writing a novelette for one of the Factions, it has not been released anywhere yet. I took a break from interactive fiction because I thought I couldn’t do it, but that was just because of the negative reviews. I realize I can do better and want to prove myself.

Warfare/kingdom was one of the options where I could lead it but I’d like to consider more options.

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Yah, the novel would do a good job if it were a kingdom style, as in the MC is a fraction leader and his lands were attacked/raided and he has to find out who did it through espionage and his kingdom powers then go to war against who did it (or who he doubts did it) or a whole new foreign power that conducted the attack and unite the kingdoms into one. What I said would be hard in one novel but it’s some ideas that views such as I would like.

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