Factions Sequel anyone?



I am thinking about continuing with the sequel to Factions: Raids of the Divided. If anyone would like to assist feel free to message me. Let me know if you guys even want a sequel I realize this game didn’t get the best of reviews (still getting nightmares on some of the more colorful 1 stars, hehefake laugh) I think the sequel can be better.


sounds good, will it have the same characters as the first one? also reviews dont really matter what does matter is that you made money


I’m still waiting for more feedback but the plan as of now is to involve the characters already introduced a bit more and maybe split forces. We shall see :smiley:


Geez,you should change your name into ‘Capitalist’


im not speaking for myself im talking about him and about the fact reviews dont really determine sequels on this site


will there be romance in the game?


Yeah quite possibly :sunglasses: