Eyes of Gods - a Cyberpunk Visual Novel

“Eyes of Gods” is a dramatical visual novel with elements of mystery and cyberpunk which tells us about a struggle, uneasy choices and hope.
The development of the storyline wholly depends on selections the player will make in the game.

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Demo-version (Windows) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/n4dyvt056njup11/Eyes_of_Gods-1.0-win.zip

The plot


In a rotten world where people forgot the definition of “humanity”, two coalitions fight for power. One of them is the Order who keeps under its heel a puppet government and another one is the Alliance – a gang of yesterday’s bandits who decided to take power. What way to choose ? Who has truth behind him? Should one reject the old rules and rely on the ideas of the future ? The truth is to be looked for in the tricky tangles of people’s destinies, hopes and vicious desires.

And what about gods ?..

The Order uses the faith in them for its black deeds. And the main asset of the Order are no donations from millions of believers but children born with black eyes. These children are called “seers” because they can see the future and look within the mysteries of the past. It is believed that the seers are chosen by gods and that the Most High watch mortals through their eyes. From infancy the seers are taken away from their families to the Order where they are given to drink potions depriving them of their consciousness. To the regret of the Order, only a few are born seers so scientists try to create “the messengers of gods” artificially, by means of experiments.

Certainly, nobody believes in a fairy-tale about the divinity of black eyes anymore, except for the desperate ordinary people who have nobody else to ask for help.

But who knows, what if the gods watched for real?..

The player is invited to walk through his way with Luca, a hired killer who was born with only one god’s eye. You will have to decide on what party to join in an unfolding conflict between the Order and the Alliance, and also to determine who really Luca is – a simple murderer or something more.


About the project
Over 60+ backgrounds, 60+ CG-scenes
12 main endings depending on the selections you make in the game.
2 possible love-affairs.
20+ unique soundtracks that will take your breath away.
The project will be available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.
The release is due in the fall of 2016.
To know more about the game, play the Demo!


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I liked the art in the screen grabs on steam and it sounds intriguing, backed you on greenlight.

Good luck!

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