"Expected option starting with #" Error - Please help!

Hey there, so I’m finishing up my editing for this section of the chapter, and I’m running into a problem.

Expected Option starting with #. The coding for this particular section is as such:


The line that starts with “I nod my head in affirmation” is the one that’s saying needs the #. I’m really confused because that’s in the middle of the flavor text and it’s indented the exact same as everything else. Anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like an indentation error.

Check if the Flavour text has a ‘higher’ indentation than the options.

I checked the flavor text and it’s exactly 4 indents from the option, so everything is all good with the indentation

It looks like there’s an extra line in between the two paragraphs, so it’ reading like this

End of first paragraph

I nod my head...

instead of:

End of first paragraph

I nod my head...

That extra line may be making CS think it’s looking for a decision.

It just looks like that. The previous line is 2304, then the empty line is 2305, then the trouble line is 2306, so there’s no extra indent there either

Hmm. Maybe try putting a *line_break in the empty line and see if that fixes it? I’ve had a few interesting errors too, usually typos or other user error in my case :slight_smile:

True, I’ll try that once I get home. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep the post updated!

I hope it works!

It unfortunately did not fix it.

Not sure why it’s telling you that the problem is with the “I nod my head” line (which I don’t see a problem with), but it looks to me like the real issue is a few lines below that, specifically the *selectable_if (krisbackinday = "True"} choice. You’ve ended the conditional with a } instead of a ), which I think is causing problems with parsing that choice.

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That was a good catch and I’m sure saved me from a future error! Although it looks like this line is still giving me trouble after fixing that.

Guys, I did it. I did the equivalent of a “turn it off and back on again” via writing and just deleted the paragraph and repasted it back into the exact same spot. It now works. Once I finish banging my head against this wall I’ll keep working.

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I’m glad that worked! I had to do the same thing with a piece of code last week but I hesitated to suggest it as a solution. I still don’t know how or why it worked!