Exile of the Gods -- Wield the chains of destiny, or shatter them?

Is there a way to bring the gods to their knees without allying with hatexa or daggoras

My ending was so disappointing!

I betrayed the gods and went to conquer the Underworld, taking Murvath with me. I didn’t even know what happened to my RO and the others after that.
Sorry for bad english.

@Dena_Grey dunno, I kinda liked this ending! :sweat_smile: My favorite actually.
Though yeah, it’s sad(and tragic) that no one support MC if they are radical atheist and revolutionary and all close ones cannot be convinced to side with the MC. I had big hopes for Domin, but… Can’t wait until next book to kill the gods!


I’m a bit confused, who’s Murvath?

He is the lider mystic of Khovros, who invented the imprisonment of gods in mortal bodies. If the main character decides to betray the gods and make them all mortal, then he will ask you to take him with you.

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Interesting, but I’m even more confused, now… I only know of Belairon as the mystics’ leader in Vhyr and I did betray the gods… however, I did so while allying myself to Daggoras (again…because I can’t seem to help myself, I like him) maybe that’s why?

Anyone knows if we can still romance Kiana if we go against the gods? At the ending of the first game she seemed way less than thrilled about how Caphiel punished Kelinos, and killed the princess in the process, bc the king banished MC and Kiana for falling in love with eachother and calling off the wedding. So I think it could work with her that she supports the MC in trying to get rid of the gods, but I didn’t had the opportunity yet to actualy check that out.

My own personal thoughts on the game…I did like it, one of the stronger CoG showings this year, though I find myself in the crowd liking the first one more.

The biggest reason for this is simply the time jump. 20 years is a heck of a span of time to go over for a character. It had me wishing there was a game in between where my MC could have explored other things (such as a moment with the MC teaching the heir about something).

One aspect I really liked: The mystics being able to control their two gods. I’m sure this was inspired by stories of ‘true names’ and such. In Egyptian myth, the gods themselves could be controlled if someone knew their true name (there is one tale of Isis supplanting Ra this way).

One part that felt a tad off: It felt like there should have been a couple more gods for the Eastern Lands. Of course, I realize this would allow the people there to have more control of their lives than in Agossia

If you are talking about Exiles…I will put it in spoilers.

The answer is really unanswered. The player has a moment or two of self-reflection, hoping their love interest will understand it. Then the game fades to black after the deed is done.


Just here to report a minor bug

So how do we get the acolyte to fall for us?

Just wondering, any reason why it’s a dollar more on google play compared to steam? Are they getting bigger discounts on steam?

Why is it not available on Amazon?

Author here, this confused me too. I think that there’s some issue in the way it’s comparing your old loyalty stats and your new ones. I experienced this issue myself and was wondering if I was just remembering wrong, now I know I wasn’t imagining things! Thanks for posting this, will have a look under the hood this weekend.


Thanks! (This is the author.) Getting in there and doing some cleanup this weekend. More replies to come, I’m at my limit for the moment!


Here is an answer provided previously:

Hope this answers your question.


Oh ok, thanks @Eiwynn. Just thought it might be a discount difference or maybe steam charged cog less to host games, as I’d noticed sometimes the two platforms have been out by a few cents, but a over a dollar is a big difference for a currency conversion difference a game under $10. I usually buy via Google, but might have changed if that was the case from now on. Anyways all good. I forgot that the sale ended yesterday anyway (whoops.)

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Can I save my game from Champion Of The Gods, and continue it in the game now?

Hi, Jon873! Author here, sorry to be responding so late on this one. Theoretically, the game should allow you to choose your gender in standalone mode. (But if it’s a saved game, your gender will always be the gender you had in “Champion.”) If you’re playing standalone and it’s not letting you choose your gender, please let me know if you recall any other details about the issue, and I’ll see what I can find in the code that may be causing it.

Hi Bahamuht! Author here. You can have arguments when you first meet the acolyte, but you eventually need to stop contradicting them on their politics, or they’ll wind up disliking you. Speaking against the gods is also a big no-no around them, because they are so devoted to their own creators. And if you keep killing mystics in front of them, you will kill your chances for romance too!


How do you successfully betray the gods and steal magic?

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