Evil Justice (WIP) - Updated 3/31/24: The Fourth Trial

Oh crap. Thanks a lot for the heads up - I just fixed it. Hope this doesn’t break everybody’s saves.



Me fangirling/spoilers for the newest chapter lmao

Okay so, as always I’m doing this from the beginning to better craft theories/for the continuity of My Brain asjdhnwieudks

  • OKAY WAIT. So like. I never questioned the Evil King interfering on our behalf, but like… Why?? This is actually fascinating to me. WAS HE OUR CREATOR??? Because we KNOW for a FACT that our creator is male… Okay Okay but that would make no sense- he can’t leave, and he’d have to physically craft our body for that to work. I mean he could always ASK someone, but… AHSNDIOSKA. PROBABLY NOT, but it IS something to think about, haha.

  • Ooooo!! We gain confidence for certain things now? Thats actually really helpful hahah-

  • GOSH. Holmgangs trial is so good. LITERAL CHILLSSS, I love his character sm-


  • Just gonna say again, I LOVE how you write the characters… Maggot-Girl’s little speech quirks are so endearing, and- ahhh!!! <3

  • akhdnekufds them talking about the Homunculus’ successes in The Ring is making me blush slightly. It’s nice for the MC’s competence to be recognized, haha. I feel like a proud mom-

  • WAIT. AHHH WE’RE ADDRESSING THE MYSTERY OF OUR CREATOR this sort of background murder mystery plot going on while we do social justice is so cool… (ALSO!! I think it’s really cool that we can lose confidence outside of The Ring as well-)

  • OUR CREATOR CAN JUST CALL US UP IN OUR DREAMS??? I love that actually- Hopefully we’ll get to ask them about stuff in the future… Like the “X” scar, and our blue eyes…

  • the creator’s reaction to a death threat- I wasn’t expecting that-

  • I have the feeling that our creator knew who we were personally… either that or we were relatively famous?

  • BRO??? MOTHMAN??? I didn’t even accept your offer yet dude give me like a day at least jesus-


  • Once again going to reiterate how much I love the writing here. “Prideful/unflappable character gets their buttons pushed” is one of my favorite tropes-

  • Oh it’s the dude that tried to rob us. Either this is going to be a “NEVER judge a book by it’s cover when it comes to justice, everyone deserves a fair trial” trial, or a “Our client was actually guilty” trial. From the way the narrative is framed, I’m assuming it’s the former (which I prefer in this particular instance.) I’m really excited sjdfhshdjfnksdmf

  • ohhh I have a bad feeling about Marian. The narration going out of its way to tell us that shes polite and nice and kind sets me off. Either she’s completely innocent or there’s going to be a secret reveal saaufinfhdsi

  • AGAIN, going to say how much I love the little tidbits of the expressions on characters faces… It’s just so SATISFYING- this is the only IF i’ve ever played where I’ve had a giddy smile on the whole way through

  • OHH I FEEL SO BAD FOR THE GOBLIN NOW. Someone get this guy a bowl of soup and a warm blanket STAT!

  • I feel bad for Felix too :frowning: the press about “looking like death”… :((

  • oooof- comparing Xenon to Holmgang… that cut deep.


  • oh god Xenon’s starting to lose it

  • BRO PLEASE I JUST WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND :sob: :sob: :sob: I guess he does have a lot to think about though ajshdksjdnf


  • aughhh i hate that I can’t do all of the choices in a singular run… I want to hang out with Akila but I ALSO want to team with Mothman and Maggot-Girl but I ALSO want to mess around in Blacklung Shelter… ough.

AHHHHHHHHSDUJHNWDUGUWEDS. GOSH YOU’VE OUTDONE YOURSELF ONCE AGAIN… I’m so glad we get to meet Xenon again!! And meeting mothman and everything… ashdniwukewnfew gosh i love this IF so much


Great game you’ve got so far, played through it all in one day. Was awesome. Keep up the good work.

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This was such a delight to play–so good that I was actually sad when it was over haha. So glad I actually took my time with this instead of just doing a quick read.

The humour was on point as always and didn’t drag on. You did a great job with writing an eccentric character like Felix without making him overbearing. It was nice to see Tibia again too, and the scene where she told the other undead about her trial was adorable. Oh, and Xenon definitely had his moments here. I actually started to feel bad for him in this chapter lmao. I’m winning arguments and people are cheering me on, but at what cost??? He was so polite and apologetic to Marian too, and when she dropped that line about giving him cases… Oof. And That Moment where he protects the MC… Whoa. That was awesome.

I think the only not-so-positive thing I could say is that the trial itself felt a little short compared to the previous one? But that’s about it, really. The rest of the chapter more than makes up for it in terms of content, and I like that the game respected my choice to not work with Mothman at first. I’m intrigued by him and Maggot Girl. Curious if she will actually go through metamorphosis and get a cooler name, lol.

Plus, the chapter definitely does not suffer from “third case syndrome”, and it had plenty of interesting moments even without the hints about the background plot. I love it when cases are connected to each other and gradually lead to a big reveal (that was one of my favourite parts of AA Investigations). Poor MC will probably have to watch their back after this… I’m excited to learn more about their origins and where the story will go. Excellent job!!


~HEYA!!~ I’m back :] time to actually coherently give feedback on the game, sdhfniehkfjsd.

Yayyy feedback
  • This is something I’ve been meaning to say for awhile, but for our first choice after getting into Devlin’s vehicle, figuring out how to act with Akila and Jarek, it’d be nice if there was a “I don’t say anything because I’m trying to process everything that just happened with my Creator, and I have bigger fish to fry.” option. That’s originally what I thought the “These people are suspicious, they might be trying to kill me.” option was- the text describing it was a little misleading. In general, I would say be more specific/elaborate a bit more for dialogue options like these, though this instance is the only one where any issue really arose personally sdjnfiudsjf.

  • When you ask the Creator why he didn’t give the MC any hidden weapons, his response is “I was in a hurry at the time, sorry.” which is strange to me, considering (I may be misremembering this) Akila told us we were like. A masterpiece-hand crafted specimen, that someone spent a heck of a long time on. It’s likely just an excuse the Creator made up on the spot, but If that isn’t what he’s supposed to be characterized as, you may want to change that. Not an issue, i thought it was actually funny, but just something to note :3.


  • I love mothman and his funky little maggot daughter… they are so family… augh :heart:. MAGGOT GIRL IS SO CUTE AND SHES SO. SHE. And Mothman being socially inept I love him so much…,., but I don’t wanna leave blacklung shelter behind but also- AUGH. <3.

  • I would be HEAVILY remiss if I didn’t mention the inquisitors… XENON… Xenon Grey my beloved. I’m glad he’s getting a sort of “redemption arc”. I like him <3. I also hope we’ll get to have a coherent conversation with him at some point, after he’s calmed down ejhdbsiukjds.

  • So, we have gray skin, but what of our blood? Red? Asking so I can visualize the scar better, dshbikjfsd. (WHY IS THE SCAR EVEN THERE I’M SO CURIOUS THAT HAD TO HAVE BEEN A CONSCIOUS CHOICE BY THE CREATOR? I HOPE WE GET TO ASK HIM LATER SBDCKJDS)

  • I’m assuming the dreams with our Creator are going to be a reoccurring thing? The overarching plot is FASCINATING to me, and I’m really starting to think either our creator is a PART of the liberty group, OR staunchly against them, and created us to rat them out. It could go either way…

Anyways I love this game so much <333.


Thank you very much for your comments, and for playing my game. You’re all so nice.

Just a quick update, since last chapter release had me go on break for a few months. That’s not the case this time: I expect to have Chapter 4 done by the end of February. It’ll include a major decision requiring a bunch of text that changes based on the player’s choice, which I’m setting up now. I’m eager to see whether it’s satisfying, and also to see what players end up choosing. I expect it will be a good time.

“At first”. Haha, sorry about that.
Great to hear there was no third case syndrome. Everything should be fine as long as the MC never goes anywhere near a circus.

That’s a good heads up. I’d like to avoid that kind of confusion if possible - good you didn’t notice it anywhere else.
The MC’s blood is red, as seen while being stabbed - though I might not have mentioned the color during that part. I should make sure I did, because in this setting it’s not a sure thing. (Xenon also mentions it as a wrong answer in the first case, it would be black if it was concealing poison.)


Sounds exciting! Looking forward to the next update.

In fairness, you did give good reasons to work with Mothman for the MC’s own safety. Other people may find it to be railroading, but I don’t mind in this case.

And they would not need to go to the circus, there’s plenty of clowns in the justice system :rofl:

If you mean the scene where MC gets stabbed by the goblin, I would suggest mentioning the colour elsewhere too since not all players will end up stabbed. (If you feel it’s an important enough detail to mention.)

I just imagine the MC as, like, somewhere between Frankenstein’s Creature and Scar from FMA. That includes the sunglasses. No idea where they picked those up xD


This is literally a dream come true??? Mystery solving game Ace Attorney style, with characters that are super interesting to interact with. Just take a look at Eighteen and tell me you don’t want to delve into all that golems and Evil Kingdom lore without lying!


No romance in a story is like blood - eventually it gets dry.

Personally i think that there’s a lot of unused potential and ways to expand and better the game itself.


I hear you. This game’s structure seems a bit simpler compared to a lot of Choicescript games, and I’m still considering how to expand on that, or whether I should. Is there anything in particular that feels missing?

It’s too early to consider this seriously, but I’m already imagining what I might do after Evil Justice. I’m interested in trying a more traditional choice-heavy game.

Delicious and nutritious?

Actually, considering romance, I’m setting up something in the next chapter you might like. Hope it goes okay.


Looks like I’ll need some more time for Chapter 4.

The chapter is made of two main parts, and the first part is nearly done, but it took longer than expected because of all the branches. The second part is, of course, the trial. I have the facts of the case lined up, but actually writing it out in trial form always takes a while.

Sorry about that! I’d better not set a release date until I’m more certain.


Yes. Creature is one day old but it’s not a child, it’s not mentally impaired and it’s conscious and can make decisions. There’s nothing wrong with it, in fact it shouldn’t even be a brought up issue in the first place imo. It’s different when you’re actually one day old as in don’t know what the fuck is going on around you but… Come on now.
If you’re not comfortable writing romance than that’s a completely separate issue and it’s totally okay tho.

No. If that was the case then most romances in media wouldn’t happen. Again, come on like anything between superhero and normal person wouldn’t happen, or different money conditions, or whatever makes people different.

I think you should worry less about what people may think of the story and what is right or wrong and just write what you want to write. Forget all the bullshit that comes with the rest and think “Hey would a romance fit in here? Maybe X interesting romance dynamic I enjoy reading, or enjoy seeing in general could be adapted”. Just follow your heart my dude.


Just a quick update: This next section has been one of the toughest I’ve ever done, but it’s on the very edge of completion!
…But it’s not a Judgment, and I don’t want to release a chapter without another Judgment. Give it just a while longer.

Also the rough job search has been holding me up some. Let me know if you need a writer or editor for something!

But the work continues. It’s gonna be good.


Ok, this was really fun, and I loved the setting.

Hope to see more in the future.


I need to do one more update so the thread doesn’t auto-lock.
Sorry for the lengthy wait. I ended up doing something a bit more ambitious than I should have. That, and my new job takes up most of my time. I’m working out how best to slot writing into my schedule.

But the work continues. I’m at 120,000 words now, up from 81,000. Seems like Chapter 4 is half as long as the other three combined, and it’s not done yet.

I’ve reached the fourth Judgment, which is mostly planned out already. I don’t like giving estimates in case something goes wrong, but I’m positive I can have Chapter 4 out before the next time the thread would auto-lock.

Even now, I still think I have a shot at releasing the whole game. I know how many chapters it’ll be: eight. Chapter Four represents the halfway point. It might be smart to try and release these four as a standalone, but that doesn’t appeal.

I hope everyone’s doing alright. It’s rough out there. Wondering about the creation process - I’d love to work more with ChoiceScript. I have plenty of ideas still, including for more traditional adventure games using the script, but apparently DashingDon might be in trouble? I guess we’ll see what happens.


Eight chapters? Cool.

Good luck with the story.

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Make sure to take breaks.


It’s been tough out here in Evil Justice land. My job takes damn near all of my energy, and progress has been a crawl. I might need to take a break…

But not yet! Not yet. I’m still determined to release Chapter 4. It’s been too long already. I just need to push it a bit.

Sorry for the delay, but this has been much harder than expected, and not because of the writing itself. I think I’ll go quiet until the chapter’s done. I don’t like posting without a good update.


Well, the end is in sight. I can’t give a completion estimate just yet since there’s still a bunch of review work to do, but I’m at the end of the Judgment and therefore the end of Chapter 4.

I’m pissed that I can’t progress as quickly as I used to! I’m afraid this is going to be my work speed from now on. It’s gonna take forever to do the rest… but I’m not beaten yet.


Don’t feel discouraged (though I understand the frustration :sob:)! It’s exponentially more work for you with the three branches you introduced, coupled with everything from previous cases. Take your time! We’ll be here to appreciate your final product no matter how long it takes to come out <3!