Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay


No not necessarily… You two can kiss and make up if you play your cards right. Also if you just try what I’m suggesting and not actually save the playthrough, you can make all these alternate choices and it won’t affect your “perfect” playthrough(plus you can discover this on your own.) Just don’t be afraid to take risks, and if it isn’t what you wanted, it’s not the end of the world, get up and try again.


Okay, now I have to see this.


Another question: How much perception would I need if I want to use the bow to save Mrs. Dupree?
(I think that fight scene lacks the cunning option so I’ll have to rely on my MCs secondary skill there)

Edit: Also thanks everyone I managed to get my perfect playthrough with Daisys romance. Now I’m asking this for my halfling MC.


Sorry I thought took me so long to reply to this (and very glad you’re getting your Perfect Playthroughs ready!)

Killing stuff in Evertree isn’t an exact science. The strength of enemies varies randomly. And yes, guile isn’t great for that fight :S. That said, there is a maximum. If you can get your perception to 70+ the odds start swinging in your favour! Also summoning a water elemental automatically damages it. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply tho it’s kinda late tbh, I already figured it out myself. Still I appreciate you taking the time to help me out here. Anyway let me say I’m really excited for the sequel, so hard to wait two more weeks or so till it gets released.

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Hey everyone!! Just a reminder that the Evertree competition deadline is next Friday! If you’d like a chance to design a character for book 3 of The Evertree Saga, it’s still not too late! Find out more details here

Thank you to everyone who has submitted stuff so far! You’re all so creative! I’m so excited to go over them all properly next weekend.

Good luck everyone!

T x


Also, I’m so excited to put up the amazing new title art by @selpuku. The full version of the game will hopefully get this makeover soon but for now, scroll up to the title post for a preview! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Update! Evertree Inn will be getting its rebranding at the same time as Sordwin gets released (which unless there are any last minute delays will be this week :smiley: )

Once again a huge thank you to @selpuku for the amazing artwork for Evertree and Sordwin. It really has the feel of a growing series now :smiley:


The Evertree sequel Sordwin is now available on GooglePlay and the App Store (with a steam release soon too, I believe!)

Thank you to everyone for supporting this series!


Can somebody tell me how to max clue 11?

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@ThomB I am replaying Evertree Inn to create my save for Sordwin. I know I am a little late so I tried to avoid reading spoilers on Sordwin’s thread.

Anyways, I found a typo in Evertree Inn:


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Please send bugs to evertreeinn@choiceofgames.com. Thanks! (I know the author will see your typo, but it is usually best to send bugs to this support email to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.)


Do any of you have a guide (walkthrough) of a Elf Leah relationship.
I would like to use mostly magic and a spear but i dont mind changing those.
Have finished it plenty of time can’t seem to save everyone. Would like it for tge sequel

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should i keep the inn or abandoned it?

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@ThomB Is it possible to get the investigator achievment for chapter 2? If so, how?

Edit: Seriously, please help. I’m trying to do a perfect human playthrough but in chapter 2 there just doesn’t seem to be a way to get all the clues.


Bought the game and love it! I’m still trying to get all the endings. Is the is the place to post art? Cause here’s some super rough sketches of some characters that only vaguely follow the in-game descriptions. I was too lazy to go back and check. Sorry about that! I also hadn’t drawn anything in a couple weeks, but Evertree Inn broke me out of that funk so thank you!


@kizushin I’m so glad you got out of the funk! I couldn’t see the sketches for some reason but please feel free to post anything on here, in a pm or to my email - evertree [at] gmail [dot] com. I love to see other people’s artwork :smiley:

@ClaimedMinotaur - This is probably the hardest chapter to get the Investigator achievement, especially if you’re already going for a romance as these take up time. The main places to get clues are: Gilly in the kitchen, Wen in the dining room, Room 2 for the stolen coins, Isaria’s room, the back office to get the memoirs and the wood cellar. You don’t need to go to Room 3,4 or 5 and talking to Lamuel/Mrs Dupree/searching the front desk won’t reveal anything you can’t find elsewhere. I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Oh whoops! I think I fixed it?


But how do you talk to Gilly in the kitchen and explore the wood cellar? You can only go outside twice and one of those trips is dedicated to Leah. I’ve tried going out first thing and last thing but she’s always there, so after that I can explore the wood cellar or speak to Gilly but I can’t do both.

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I believe if you cut your time short with Leah, you’re given the time needed to do those things.

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