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Hello! This is my game Diabolus.

Sorry if you found any grammatical, punctuation or syntax errors. English is not my native language. Could you let me know if there are any errors? Thanks

Thanks to everyone who supports me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Short Summary

I am a person without past and present and future. I’m a simple result of research. I just want to know about myself, my family, and my past.
In addition to that I have to resist the Agency, which puts experiments on people with superpowers.

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In This Game:

wil be add later

Character Profiles

Name: Matthew Harvey / Julia Harvey
Years: 20 years old


will be add in future

Word Count



10/10/2019 post demo in CoG forum and dashingdon.com
11/10/2019 write a short summary which as the story progresses will be changed and supplemented; change name of the game but only in thread/post
12/10/2019 new old demo; for now game gender-locked-male
13/10/2019 added a short summary to the first book; a little added information about the main character.
14/10/2019 added a new summary
17/10/2019 I changed the title of the series


02/11/2019 add summary, open tread again, add new demo link

The name of the series of books: Someone’s War
It will be a series consisting of three books and one prequel.

About the author

My name is Ksenia. I’m from Vladimir City, Russia. I’m 19 year old girl. I have never written anything before, even in Russian. I only started writing in early 2019. This game is a reworking of my unpublished story. And this is my first serious work

Music in this game
  • Spiders - Slipknot
  • Incense & Iron - Powerwolf
  • Already Dead - Hollywood Undead
  • Hypocrites - Korn
    *Sometimes I Feel Like - Bad Religion

Hi, everyone! This is Ksenia aka Dark.Dark9. And this is my game called “Even Angels Deserve to Die”.

This part of The Swan’s Superheroes Universe series.

In this game you can:

  • you can play as man, female, non-binary; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual
  • you can choose your origin: from upper class, middle class, working class, lower class
  • choose your path: hero path, villian path or anti-hero path
  • in game for each origin have different RO: five male, five female,

Approximately the game will be updated once a month or when 3 thousand words are written.

I’m very sorry if you found any grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors and typos. English isn’t my native language.

In addition, I need feedback and your suggetion so that I can improve the text of the work and the work itself.

Where can you write to me:
My English dev blog
my Russian/English blog on vk com
or PM on forum @Dark.Dark9

link to the game here:

So about the game

Summary: I’m the most wanded person in Afrin Federation. I’m wanted for murder I didn’t do. I’m back in the High City again. This time I came back to find the truth.

Levels of superpowers:

  • Omega level: powers are not shown or very weak;
  • Beta level: one or two powers of different kinds or same kinds; can be mixed with alpha level; stronger than the people with Omega level, but weaker than the person with Alpha level
  • Alpha level: the strongest of the levels; two or more powers of different kinds or the same kinds; mentally unstable

Main Character:
Full Name: Joshua (male) / Josephine (female) / Jordan (non-binary) Reeves
Age: 25 years old
Powers: telepathy of alpha level
Origin: under construction

*!! Under contrustion !!

My name is Ksenia. I’m from Vladimir City, Russia. I’m 19 year old girl. I have never written anything before, even in Russian. I only started writing in early 2019 with pause.

Support the author if you liked the demo. Support is very important for me, because at home no one supports me in my endeavor.


What is this about??
A short description here would be better


Yeah as @Addy3 said a summary to explain what the game is about would be welcome.

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Ok, thanks everyone!
@Addy3 @Zene-Zenon
Today (11.10) I will write a short summary. I don’t know the full plot of the game myself.

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Oi, at the moment the demo is too small to give ye any good advice, but it seems very interesting, and I look forward to the next update, anyway I found this small typo here.

Good luck and may the Emperor be with you


Good so far :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks to everyone who supported me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry, but there will be no updates today. Updates postponed to Monday due to the fact that my computer was taken away, and on the old I do not have files with the game. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


A few syntax errors and maybe you could use more action words to draw the reader in but overall good draft.

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I changed the name of the game

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This wasn’t bad, especially with English not being your first language! English is hard for me and it’s my native tongue. My biggest complaint, for those playing on PC at least, is reading white text on a black background is personally painful for my eyes. I understand there’s a theme, and I’m perfectly okay with that of course, it’s just something I wanted to mention in case anyone else had similar issues. There’s some words that could be changed or added, but it didn’t ruin the experience.


Ooohh, this story has me hooked on it’s serspensce! good job!!!

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I update demo. For now this game is gender-locked-male
The next update will be gender and name selection

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Хмм, это конечно короткое демо и я мало что могу сказать, но мне определенно нравится начало! Желаю успехов автор! :smiley_cat:


Спасибо большое! :blush:

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Today I added a short summary to the first book.
also a little added information about the main character and warnings

Can you tell me what you would like to see about the characters?

I wrote part of the prologue. Do my story needs prologue or not? Please write me.
конечно мне никто не напишет

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Well it’s interesting. I love super heroes and vilain games. Personally, i wouldn’t play the vilain. I love helping others, rescuing peoples, or fight villain. You should probably add choice where will be able to play as a hero or at least a vigilante, if it is not possible then do whatever we want whenever we want. You can be a villain but still have codes like “killing if necessary” or “refrain from hurting civilians.” But this story is interesting so, i will keep an eye on it.

About the MC: You said that he had the ability to absorb the ability of other people. If I were you, I’d give the MC another ability.

First, if the MC absorbs the abilities of another person, then logically speaking this victim will no longer be able to use these abilities thus becoming a normal human. Then this NPC will become meaningless.

Second, if the MC absorbs abilities, logically, he should be able to use these new abilities. Which can be problematic in my opinion. Because he’s going to end up super powerful and no one wil be able to stop him. Frankly, I prefer to fight with characters as strong, stronger than me or a little less strong than me. If I am too powerful and crushes all the characters in my path then the battles will no longer make sense, no more thrill (like Saitama’s case in One punch man :joy:). Unless you foresee an antagonist as strong as us and we can’t absorb his/her abilities to stand up to us.

Note that this is just my personal opinion, the history and the world belongs to you, you can do what you want with it. One of the basics of writing: Write what you would like to read.

Suppose my arguments make you think, it would be better to wait for the opinion of other readers to decide.

And you should use a translator like deepl, write in Russian and then translate into English it would be better than writing in English. (If you are writing in English of course without going through translation.)

An advise: Be patient, the story is in it’s bare bones so it’s almost impossible to give appropriate feedbacks. In your last posts, it seem like you are desperatly waiting for them (i just feel it i don’t know if it’s the case :relaxed:). There will be probably more feedbacks as the story progress.

Also, you should add further info in the summary. It doesn’t show a lot about what we will read in this book.

Looking forward to more of this story :relaxed:


I’m writing now and in a week I will release a big update with a prologue and the first chapter. Thanks to everyone who wrote to me.


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The update is postponed to the first of November because it is still being written

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