Error using randomtest


Running autotest on my game works, but when I run randomtest only two runs are completed before I get the error:

D:\Personal\games\ChoiceScript gamebooks\Program\dfabulich-choicescript-ee11ad2>
java -jar tests\dojo-release-1.3.2-src\util\doh\js.jar randomtest.js 1>randomt
js: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: ReferenceError: “main” is not defined

This is on Windows 7.

Does somebody have a hint?


Is main a variable you forgot to declare?


I can’t find any main variable in my scene (txt) files.


in your mygame.js did you change the part at the top:
nav = new SceneNavigator([

or the first scene name?

I noticed that error when I accidentally put a comma before my first scene name.


There was an error in one of the txt files that was not detected by the autotest. Thanks for your comments.