Error uploading a compiled HTML to

I am trying to upload the alpha version of my game to, where I can easily restrict access to it with a password. I managed to compile the game to HTML through CSIDE, no problem. The HTML file plays locally on Firefox, no problem.

Per’s instructions, I zip the index.html file with the header image and upload the zip file. I get this error:


Permission denied to access property “side” on cross-origin object.

From a little research on other people who encountered similar errors on their HTML5 games, and from asking on the Discord server, I put together that this is security error must trace to an element in the compiled HTML that references a source on another server (most likely Github). Firefox and Chrome are apparently tightening security around XSS due to frequent security vulnerabilities, which makes sense, but it does leave me up a certain creek.

I can see ChoiceScript games from 2018 or thereabouts on, and they work just fine, so this is a (relatively) recent change. Is there a workaround for this? Who has recently worked with compiled HTML CSGs and can advise me?

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