Compiling dramas

Hi All. I tried to compile a game to enter into the Seedcomp today and discovered that the compiling function on CSIDE doesn’t appear to be working any longer? (It compiles, but then says it can’t find startup.txt when I try to run the compiled file.)

I’m pretty sure the native compiler packaged with the program does not work either (couldn’t get it functioning today either) and isn’t ideal anyway as I can’t compile images with it. (It’s why CSIDE’s compiler is usually so good.)

Does anyone know if there’s a fix for this/what’s happening. It’s kinda sad if I can’t find a way to compile games to host in jams on itch anymore.

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I don’t know about CSIDE, maybe you can ask in the CSIDE thread. But you can use the compiler in the ChoiceScript’s source. Yes, it doesn’t include images, so you have to put the compiled html file and the images in the same folder, than zip it. You can upload zip files to if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks. I guess I’d very much prefer not to have to upload zip files as a lot of people just don’t bother playing entries that have to be downloaded and unzipped. I’ve actually never tried to do it that way I didn’t realise you could just put images and a html file in the same folder and have it work.

Regardless though, I can’t get the native compiler working today either. Just get a blank page on firefox after you upload the files :frowning:

I’ll try the CSIDE thread also.

That’s not what I meant. You can upload zip files and itch will turn them into playable games. I don’t remember exactly the step by step, if I’m not mistaken the html inside has to be named index.html and you can include the assets in the zip.

That’s basically how all Twine games get uploaded. It’s not difficult at all. I just don’t remember the details, but a quick Google search should help you out.

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Ohhh. I didn’t realise itch did that. I thought they had to be unzipped files. (It’s been a while since I uploaded a twine game and didn’t remember zipping it.) Cools thanks :slight_smile: Well if I can get the compiler to work I’ll definitely keep that in mind then.

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Here is the documentation.