Error: line 179: Not a number: 280 million


Running the Random Test from CoG’s submission form states: “Error: line 179: Not a number: 280 million”. It tells me nothing about which file its in, I’ve checked them all and in none of them is 280 million even mentioned near that line.

When running the Random Test from the game files it passes. What do I do…?

My theory is that because at the start of the game the variable “race1size” is an integer, then half way through I change it to a string, i.e. from 200 to 2 million, as to not pollute the screen with numbers. Perhaps this is causing the test to complain, but the game still runs fine. Do I need to do something to resolve this before submitting it or will it still be accepted as is?


If you select the button at the bottom that says “submit with errors” you should be able to send it anyways and I can just check it then if you can’t find the problem.


If in line 179 there is a variable check that variable because that is the problem


Happened yesterday with me (experience)