A weird quicktest error

Error: line 1891: There is no character at position 23. “1.1111111111111111e+24” is only 22 characters long.

So, what I’m trying to do here is create a 25-length number which the script would then break down into multiple variables ala code#1, code#2, ect. As I am in fact completely sure the number is 25 characters in length, I’m wondering if CS itself caps out at 22 characters when prompted to *input a number? If CS does cap out at 22 characters for a variable, I can alter the scripting to work this out, but it will cut down on player customization. Otherwise, anyone have any possible idea why quicktest is spitting this out at me? There is no . in the number.

First guess is that a math problem resulted in the answer 1.111 (repeating). If it repeats the number to the 22nd decimal, then there would be no character on the 23rd.

That’s a thing, though- I can’t figure out what’s caused the script to think there’s a decimal involved, as there’s not. Though if a . is somewhere in the code it shouldn’t be in some portion of script it could explain; I’ll look further on that possibility just in case.

Some quick code shows that choicescript should be perfectly fine with finding the 25th character…

*temp number 1112223334445556667778889
*temp test 0

*set test (number#25)

test = ${test}

I’m not finding any stray . in the relevant portion of coding, though, either… I’m stumped as to why it’s trying to turn it into a decimalized number.

Feel free to PM me the code, if you want. :smiley: