ERROR: Increasing indent not allowed


Hello, when I use randomtest to check my code, I always get this error:

*interview choice 55#2 (line 91) #A middle-aged lady in a fine dress who seems to be much more quiet than the other reporters.
*interview choice 96#3 (line 269) #"No comment."
interview line 277: increasing indent not allowed, expected 2 was 4

  *hide_reuse #An old gentleman in the front row, wearing a white suit.
    *goto checkPicks                                      // this is line 277
  *hide_reuse #A shy young male in jeans and a black jacket in the back rows.
    *goto checkPicks
  *hide_reuse #An energetic skinny female trying her best to catch your attention.
    *goto checkPicks

I really need help with this. Here is a bigger part of the code: click here


Odd one. First thing to try might be adding a goto for the #“No comment” option a line or two above the indicated line. While it’s normally okay to simply “fall out” of the final #option of a choice, with it actually being a nested choice in this case I’m not absolutely certain that particular loophole still applies.


I think I found a solution.

I actually noticed the missing goto in it, so I added it.
Then I ran the randomtest again. No success.

The way I got it fixed was changing *goto checkPicks with *goto interviewEnd.
I’m still wondering what could cause the problem tho…