Erodania Quest (WIP - Fantasy / Romance - Comedy)

Erodania Quest

I’ve begun work on my new game Erodania Quest, a Fantasy / Romance-Comedy novel. In it, you play as a Warrior class adventurer.

Story Details
The story revolves around you, the MC, taking a three-star difficulty quest, that requires you to find a missing amulet of a daughter of a rich noble. The quest cannot be done solo, therefore you need to find other adventurers to help you out.

Romantic Interests

Aeliana Gothwerth

An Archmage. (Still working on her background story)

Age: 21

I used Artbreeder to create these images (Cuz I’m too busy to draw them lol). The characters image are not yet official.

I’ll update the novel every 4 weeks (cuz I also study C# programming / gamedev project)

To play the demo, go here: Erodania Quest (

Out of curiosity, what’s the best tense to use when writing a novel?

  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense

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Oops. There are some errors lol

I’ll fix those errors tomorrow

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As a huge KonoSuba fan, I am totally into this, lol.

I do have some constructive criticism, I do think the story could benefit from more showing rather than telling. Said with love, of course! I look forward to more! :smile:


When you say “One-Handed” do you mean that we hold a one handed weapon, or that we only have one hand?


One-Handed Weapon (MC carries a one-handed sword and a shield)

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So short

I mean, it was posted 11 hours ago

I’ll update the novel next week :wink:

I already fixed the errors. I’ll try to update the novel as soon as I can :slight_smile:

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One handed a bit confusing. I thought the mc got only 1 hand. Better use ‘weapon : sword and shield’ below the mc class instead.

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I assumed it was because the other hand needs to be free for…something important.

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Are there only female love interests?


Right now yes, game is male genderlocked, maybe the author will add male ROs in the future

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The one doesn’t really have anything to do with the other.

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Is that an innuendo or am I just a pervert?
Oh… you were talking about the one-handed sword thing… I suppose that makes me a pervert.

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No, it was an innuendo. Not commenting on you being a pervert or not! :wink:


Looks cool!
But… must we be a warrior?

Will we be able to choose what weapon to specialize in later on at least?

Don’t get me wrong a warrior story is something really cool! Everyone loves to be Aragorn! But will we be able to at least get some bit of magic? Or get a subclass? Like paladin or something?

Anyways… As I said this looks good, I like the Idea, hope you update!



Hello, adventurers!

Here are some stuff that I have changed / added in the game:

  • It is now possible to make your MC a female char. (not gender-locked male anymore.)
  • It is now possible to choose your adventurer class (warrior, paladin, assassin, magic user, etc.)
  • Changed the intro (Kinda. I’m still practicing the “Show, Don’t Tell” writing style.)

Future Updates:

  • RO’s for female characters.
  • Chapter 2

I’ll update the novel next week, or maybe next month lol. Thanks!


Beautifully done! :grin: The overall flow of your writing has improved exponentially, I can tell you really worked hard on it, and it shows. Super exited to see more! :triumph:


@beebavel hello I am curious how you make all three girls images?

I am also working on a story that’s why I want to know you created that’s portrait of girl’s.