Ending Error: Cannot *restart in stats mode


I got this error when I tried to test the ending of my game, and was confused.
I thought to myself:
“Surely this is a mistake, I’m clearly not in stats mode, I haven’t even opened up the stats menu, yet alone looked at it, since I’ve started this test!”

Then I realized that it said ending line 5 at the beginning, so I went to check out the code

There was in fact, no line 5.
Am I doing something wrong?
Is the fact that there is no line 5 causing the error?
Did the stats menu somehow find a way to insert itself into my everyday life?
Please help :cry:


It should be

*end :rose:

Well, now I’m doubting myself. Let me look it up.

Edit2: my code says *finish not *end or *ending. but wiki seems to indicate *ending - so now I’m going to wait for a better coder to help unconfuse us both.


wuh oh!
What did you make me do!
Now I’m waiting for my computer to restart!

(oops wait a minute)


I’ve never seen that screen in my life.


I’m pretty sure this is the only screen I see on the computers at school :confused:


I’m sorry I confused us both.




This is what my scripting says at the end for my story:

*label end


but when I look it up on Wiki it says :


will take you to the question that all the stories has. So now I’m confused.

ok. I see:


is in its own scene called “ending”


Just the ending of a choice?
I’m just using a slightly modified ending scene, so mine should be correct…


So now we wait. So an experienced person can tell us what is going on.

Is the scene called: “ending”?



(oh shoot I need more characters, I better think of something to fill up space)


I recall having some issues playing games on College networked PCs, are you running it locally or through a public Dropbox/dashingdon’s link? The BSOD will have absolutely nothing to do with it though.


nope, I’m using c9 though


Try *goto_scene ending


that’s what I’m doing :slight_smile:


Sorry thought you just used *ending not the *goto_scene command . I’ve had glitched with that before.


:slight_smile: no problem
I’ve been confused for at least 4 hours