Emojis in ChoiceScript?

I was faffing around in CS-IDE and noticed that keyboard emojis (of the :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: variety) appeared as-is in the game!

Not that I’m advocating using emojis in a ChoiceScript game, because it’d likely be ugly and buggy as all get-out, but was this an open secret that we all knew about except for me? Are there any HGs out there that use them? What would be stopping one from writing, say, an entire game written in emojis (other than being rejected by COG, lol)? :eyes:


Does the emojis also show up when testing the game outside of CSIDE?
(On dashingdon or manually.)

I could see it being a cool feature in a modern game, for text messages and such.


I did not know this - it will be an unused feature in my game(s) unless a character is text messaging or something of that nature but even then just describing the emoji with text might be better so the emoji itself isn’t left up to interpretation.


I immediately am imagining an overbearing robotic companion, with a screen for a face of course, that loves to barrage you relentlessly with (somehow, logic forsaken) phonetic emojis. Or text messages, haha.

I would be curious if they would appear depending on the device. Even things like Discord skew my precious emojis when switching from a phone to laptop.

Regardless, cool! This is a really neat discovery. :raised_hands:


I knew due in my clumsyness i pressed a emoji and did appear but i think is new. It didn’t happen to me before


One thing to be mindful of is that some people can only play these games in an audio-only format, and adding emojis would make them less accessible.


That and emojis have different context based on culture I thought a guy was shitting in my ancestors and he was saying it was rad something. Shit and skulls was the emojis… lol Emojis are a tool but not for a seriously game


I’ve yet to see a game that has used any emoji but I personally think it would be better to use kaomoji instead just because it wouldn’t break up the look as much

I knew they were usable before but never thought they were interesting. However I’ve been thinking of having them with a character in my game that the player would communicate only by texting. Could be a way to make things a little different and allow the player to understand it’s texting communication at a glance.

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Omg, I think that would be so cool in like a group text or video game setting!

Making a story with just emoji?
The hard part is that people understand emojs different.
like this? (i might have failed hard)

---------------- :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree:

:city_sunset::office::oncoming_police_car::male_detective: :bone: :footprints::footprints::footprints::footprints: :eyes::ring::male_detective::brain::national_park::national_park::national_park::national_park::fearful::male_detective::bone::bone::crocodile::crocodile:

Citygal/guy/person drives off into the woods to escort an affluent person to search for bigfoot; at some point someone gets the idea to propose by a river, but then oh! shock! someone falls in and gets eaten by crocodiles?


Detective/cop finds a dead body, follows the trail to a stolen diamond, has the idea to go up the river to the diamond mine to look for clues, finds a mass grave, and is eaten by crocodiles?


but pretty close.
Detective on a case.
Someone missing
footprints to the forrest

anyway you see why only emoji would be a challange in a book

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maybe not a stolen diamond but a ring ?

but indeed its a interesting idea!
just a bit tricky

I think it could come in handy at establishing characters in a modern-day story, just not in the actual prose of the story, lol!

You pull out your phone and contemplate your options: you could text your best friend to come join you at the fossil dig, or you could ask your crush!

#Ask your crush!

You: Hey do you want to come to the fossil dig at 8 pm?
Crush: :+1:

#“Um… I’ll take that as a yes?”
#Sigh, they’re so dreamy!


that is very true
we do use a lot of emoji now
would be a good detail to include

You could try?
just testing on a basic story :slight_smile:

idk how ChoiceScript would take it tho.
a test would be good anyway in my opinion.

you study Paleontology?