Emberwood: Book 1 - WIP (9/13 Update - Prologue/Chapter 1 Fixed!)

I would recommend a save option eventually. Otherwise what we have in the demo is great. I love the premise & the characters


Really loving this so far!

The characters are likable, even those cops who were total jerks, tbh.

I do agree that some of the ROs could use some more dialogue before giving a flirt option. Perry had just the right amount before we were allowed to flirt, imo, so maybe use him as a baseline? For some of them, you were allowed to flirt on the exact same page that they were introduced, which barely gives players enough time to evaluate their personality.

And yes! A save option would be lovely, hehe.


DAMN, I can’t wait for more of this story, it is really good so far.

Keep up the hard work!

Though I do wish it had a save feature.

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This is lowkey giving me Doom Patrol :eyes: digging it so far tho


@cynosurewrites enjoyed the demo and looking forward to seeing more did notice some issues but going to replay again later on and will try to give feed back after words :smiley:

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This is so worth it :sparkles::face_holding_back_tears:

Can’t wait for more!

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That was fun. Looking forward to more.

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The story is promising and I love the mystery behind the MC’s past. I’ll definitely look forward for future developments. :revolving_hearts:


thank you so much !


I’ve actually never seen it :face_with_peeking_eye: I’ll definitely check it out


thank you so much for trying it out!

  1. I definitely understand what you mean. The flirt options are more for players who feel like going all in right at the start of the story, but some characters won’t react accordingly (a few will ignore it completely due to them not knowing the MC long enough, while others–whose personalities are more bold–will. At its core it’s a romance, so I wanted to give players who prefer quick routes compared to slower ones more options but on the ROs side, I did want to acknowledge their lack of closeness.)

  2. Ah, I see where the problem lies. The stats are more for flavor text options (how an MC would react to certain things that are not prompted by the choice in the moment but really the personality already molded to give all your choices more weight) and though I do have plans to create options that may not bode well with the characters (it won’t always align with the hostile stat), your MC won’t particularly get punished for being jaded or edgy. I do understand the conflict here; wanting to be ‘friendly’ to those you care about and ‘hostile’ when it makes narrative sense. I’ll see if there’s a way to implement that without feeling like you have to choose one or the other! (In the update, I’ve changed stoic to ‘off-putting’ which is more aligns with a MC who doesn’t care about offending others, is abrasive, without filter. I might change the hostile stat to something that’s less…dramatic? Lol)

Thank you for enjoying the premise and for giving this a chance! In the update, I did make the powers clearer (it was a quite a common suggestion lol) and strengthened the prologue and first chapter. Thanks!


Wow this game looks promissing, i just fell it can have more customizations for your mc, i like to have black eyes and how long is your hair if have any.

I enjoyed this demo and feel it has a lot of potential :slight_smile:


I want more :sob:… I’m happy I found this treasure :sparkles:

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Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:. Lots of potential.

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@cynosurewrites missing part of the text where we are suppose to be told about powers and stuff.

Click here for stuffs

It’s “traitorous”. Yes, I know that’s absolutely not how it’s pronounced. Look, I didn’t invent this language, alright, it’s not my fault, and neither is the fact that nouns pluralise by adding an “s” but verbs pluralise by REMOVING an “s”. It’s stupid, but that’s what you get out of the people who thought Imperial was a good measurement system.

Not sure if working as intended: none of the options here move sliders.

Dufner is still giving me no words to actually process here (between the 5th and 6th paragraphs):

The typos after “But be careful” and in “stained red brick” are still there.

Also, that “been” in the third paragraph shouldn’t be there.


Should be “gets to meet” here. Note that if someone’s making a playthrough where they use the pronoun “they”, “get” is correct for them. Also, yay, new flirt options!

Wrong pronoun for female Fera before “winks and then steps back”

I don’t know if it conflicts with the plot or not, but if not it might be fun to have an option here to be intereested in the science work.

Dani only has one flirt option, but I suppose considering the circumstances it’s appropriate.

Misplaced space in “Your mind” at the start of the last paragraph.

I checked the stats screen and Kiera doesn’t have a relationship bar.

Aaaaand that’s the current end of the demo.

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thank you so much ! chapter two is coming! hahaha <3


I like the addition of the description towards each power. It helps the player choice their ability & understand what power they’re going to be dealing with. I can’t wait to see what my illusionist MC will be able to do with their powers


Make flying hotdogs, become invisible, become the best silent puppeteer. Those are my first thoughts.:+1:

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