Dwarf MC?

Would you play a story with the MC being a Dwarf?

I was thinking of making my first story to be set as a Dwarf in the underground tunnels under the Reinflok mountains. It will take place when two Dwarven cities go to war with each other for resources. So of course the MC is caught in the middle of the war when their hometown is besieged by the invading forces.

The MC will be given the option to pick from three starting locations that will provide one point stat boost to their stats. The MC will have the choice to go down one of three stat lines that will define their playthrough.

The playthrough will be the following:

  • Going down the Martial(combat) playthrough where the MC will slowly build up the reputation of being a great warrior or even the greatest ATM.
  • Going down the charisma playthrough by being an envoy(of the force of your choice). [I’ll expand the charisma playthrough as we go along]
  • Then there is the intelligence path were the MC will use their tactical genius on the battlefield as an advisor(to the force of choice)

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