Dreaded Writers Block


So as it is, i myself have all of a sudden hit a wall… Can’t get into character or can’t feel the world I’m creating… A shame as I was going full steam ahead, then nothing… I could force something out I guess but it’s just going to be rubbish.
So my question to all.
Have you ever experienced writers block? How long did it last?
How did you get out of it?

Tips for you writers!
Best Beginnings In COG

I know of two topics discussing writers block.

For me a writer’s block is matter of having a roller coaster ride. I have days where I get so many ideas that writing is easy while some days I feel like I’m at a wall looking at it with a blank face.

Everyone is different. I do get writer’s block at times and the longest for me was a week with absolutely no clue on how to continue whatever I’m writing about. When I encounter the dreaded block I would really stop over thinking it and the ideas just eventually gets back to me. :sunglasses:

It really will depend from person to person on how they get back on writing because not all of our quirks will work for everyone. :grin:


When I can’t go forward on the story, I go sideways. I have my characters write in their diaries. I have their parents write letters to them. I get two of them who I didn’t plan to have meet in the game get stuck in an elevator and see what they say to each other. I write an R-rated scene between two characters who probably will not be a couple in the game, but who knows…?

Writing is writing. When you get words out, that can unblock the log jam in the river of your story, and words can start flowing there, too.

The longest writer’s block I had so far lasted from when I was born until they gave me a crayon and some paper.


Personally I either take a nap or a shower. Vivid dreams are fantastic inspiration, and I enter a sort of meditative state in the shower that lets ideas flow. (note to self: try to find something that can be wrote on in the shower but won’t from water…)


And go for a walk.

That often helps me.

Self-discipline when writing

When that happens to me, I try to do something related to the story other than writing

A few days ago, when I had my first Writer’s block on a choicescript game, I stopped writing and started thinking about the cover art. Eventually, after drawing for a while, some ideas came out of nowhere.

Drawing a map for the in-game universe could work too.


Sometimes I brainstorm (just write random words and phrases anywhere on a piece of paper) and see if any related ideas pop up multiple times, indicating a direction that’s already floating around somewhere in my mind. Sometimes I change my environment, maybe take a walk, or listen to different music I think a character might like. I try to pay careful attention to things happening in my real life, because personal experience is an excellent source of inspiration.

Another thing I do a lot of is writing conversations between characters, even if those characters haven’t met; they may not even be characters that exist in the same place or time, they may not be discussing topics about anything story-related. I just use the conversations as writing exercises to analyze aspects of my characters’ personalities that might not have come out yet. Sometimes versions of those conversations actually make their way into my stories, but, more often than not, they just end up giving me angles I hadn’t previously considered, or even ideas for new characters.

The one thing I’d most strongly suggest is that you just keep writing, even if it’s something completely unrelated to the project you’re currently involved with. Ideas come from everywhere, and writing is as much a habit as it is a skill. Even if what you write won’t work for the story you’re doing now, it may very well work for a story you write a year from now. If you keep writing and collecting, you’ll build up a reservoir of ideas you can always revisit during future bouts of writer’s block.


When I get writers block I
… Yeah…

Basically I find that writers block to be annoying

Really Annoying

Especially the fact that I get depressed when I forget the scarce ideas I get.
But honestly, staying at a table all day helps with nothing. Try

And when you’re out of your writers block


I usually just have to get some more sleep or take a break. Chess always helps. :slight_smile:


Chess is fun, but I get too worked up over games that require some sort of skill.


Well I have had writers block for ages. Don’t rush it because then you get disheartened. Take your time when something hits you write it down. If you come up with an idea write it down. Go with the flow see where it takes you. You can always go back and fill in the pieces. Hopefully I will be back soon guys.



When I hit that wall I leave it and draw instead. Or read a CoG game for code inspiration. Might have a nap and then try writing a different scene instead of going back to the same scene I was stuck on. Sometimes I just need to relax, like watch some tv for bit. Other times I need to stay away from writing for a couple of days just to get back into it. Hope everyone’s suggestions help you out :ok_hand:


When I am unable to think of something I could write in that situation, I either go to sleep or write about lore and backstory of my world. From entire countries to a three day long war between two large mercenary guilds, I always have something I can come up with that both relieves the blockage and improves the world as a whole.


Try searching the snowflake method and adjust it to suit your needs. This method is not going to be for everyone, but it has helped me with writers block when I actually find the time to write.

I have yet to find a cure for laziness though. Let me know if you have something for that.


What helps me is play what you have written so far. Not to see if you made any mistakes, but pure for the fun of it. Helps you remind what it is you created (and why). Get into the world you made.

You could also try to tell yourself what your game/world is all about. Just in your head (or out loud when your alone so people will think you’re not that odd). I do that sometimes when I am driving to work / school. Also, swimming helps. (so basically, do something that takes little though to do so your mind can wander, and no, I haven’t killed anyone while driving nor have I drowned).

Last thing you could do is just write a few lines that will come later on. Just write for a little while pure for the fun of it.

Self-discipline when writing

I’m aware, just decided to start this as more of a discussion to get people talking/writing (and because I couldn’t think of anything to write but wanted to lol :slight_smile: )
Can’t say I’ve found away to start writing, but all these ideas and the down time has got me coding for testing purposes, which will help when I ask for peoples opinions on what I’ve done. :smiley:
Your normally scheduled fuckery may resume.
Lol I have to admit I did giggle when I saw that. If I remember that post is going back quite sometime!


What can i say, I like to go quote hunting
brandishes hunting rifle


in all honesty, in my current project, I haven’t done much story so far. I know the features I want it to have, and jot down a bit of story here and there while coding, but getting those features to work have been my main worktime spender.