Dragon Racer (Discussion)

Yes, i know how many times you’ve told me I’m wrong, but this is the first time you actually put forth enough information where I might be able to discern which scene you’re referencing, becuase now that you explained it a bit better I realize you’re not talking about the one I thought I thought you were.

I keep trying to tell you our only disagreement is the scene you’re talking about, and not becuase I’m trying to tell you you’re wrong about anything, i was never was, I’ve just been trying to figure out what part of the book has you so NETTLED so i can figure out if it’s actually flawed or if you’re not just missing a stat check or something.

Now that you went into a bit more detail this sounds like it’s either from the Relay race?

Or… you said “flag” is it the CTF event you’re referencing? Becuase if it is you might look up and notice I complained about this particular event being the most railroaded in the game. The part where Cass fumbles if you lack stealth?

Oh gosh it didn’t even cross my mind until now that that was taken as an insult, sorry. I was really just trying to say I didn’t see the book being as limiting as you were implying.

That’s why the very next thing I asked you was “What were you trying to do in the story that the book wouldn’t let you?”

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Sorry if this has been done to death, but is there a reason for your dragon always being male? Is that related to Dragonriders of Pern in some way? With all the strong dragon girls in anime recently (Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Mysteria Friends) I’m feeling the lack of those roleplaying opportunities keenly.

One is that female dragons are rare. But the main reason is that when I first was writing the game, I didn’t want to juggle and was kinda afraid to have two writing variables since it was my first cyoa game. So I gender-locked him.


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Oh well, I guess the dragon isn’t a romance option. Rather than a gay anime dragon, perhaps I’ll make a character based on Billy Casper in ‘A Kestral for a Knave’. Or on this girl. A dragon riding queen voiced by Kikou Inoue whose dragon never appears in her whole anime series, because she spent it being enslaved and tortured with sexualised electroshock by a goblin.

[redacted – JSH]

That’s the undermining of a strong female character for you, right there. I think reclaiming characters from trashy stories like Queen’s Blade, by roleplaying them in a better one, is one of the best things about COG.

Please do not post sexualized images on the forum.


Sorry, didn’t realise beforehand it was bad as all that, but I suppose it was.

For some reason i keep getting blocked out from shrader romance and i keep getting pushed to nyx. Im not even able to check out cassius in the beginning am i doing something wrong? My character is a male.

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Cassius is straight so only females for him, and I’m guessing you need a higher relationship level with Shader?

Thats what im confused on because on my very first playthrough i was able to ogle cassius as a male

depending on when your first playthrough was it could be due to the update.

I think it’s been updated now. The options to romance the rival dude was greyed out for me despite having high relationship with him.

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Were you playing a female character?

I was playing and as female exactly same no rival romance after choose all pro him choice and give him the perfect gift grey option

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That’s because he’s gay.


Can I romance Shader in book 2?? I didn’t get the achivement, and I just flirt with hím, and I didn’t find him for example when he’s lying in the grass, or in the festival, or I didn’t drink with him. After this he won’t care about me, right?? But the other times I always picked the romance options. And I never kissed him.

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Think so. I know that only flirting is available for him in book 1.

And If I am not his girlfriend, can I become his in book 2? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I’m so nervous! I didn’t get any sign that he’s interested in me.