Dragon of Steelthorne—Govern a city in a steampunk-fantasy land

Congratulations Vance!

Played this on Spring Thing and had a blast, so I knew I had to buy it as soon as it came out.

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Thanks all! :heart:

If you enjoy the game, do consider leaving a review! But whatever you decide, I’m always here to answer any questions if you have them.


Enjoyed this one. I’ve been waiting for a proper Great Tournament sequel, and this scratched that itch. I enjoyed Daria, too, but that was a little too heavy with the clicking and micro management (choice script doesn’t mix fabulously with the format) whereas this one had a lighter, more accessible system. It’s one that would hold up too in a larger game or integrated with more traditional narrative design.


I am thinking of creating a post-release thread, but probably a few more days into the release, so that people have time to try the game and consolidate their questions/feedback first. For now, any questions are welcome over here.

Interestingly, this is quite a high stress time now. I’m fretting over how the game will do every now and then, but I’m still very grateful for everyone’s support. :innocent:


Neil Gaiman said when he released his first big hit, he met Stephen King who gave him the best advice of his life. “This is really cool. You should enjoy it.” And he didn’t enjoy it because he was too stressed out about it and about the next thing. I would like to forward this advice to you.


Thanks! Yup, I tend to fret over things. Again, I’m grateful for everyone’s support!


Really enjoying the game. Into my second play through, I do have a question regarding Princess Bridget, How do you Romance her

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@Alex_Parker_Roberts Thank you.

Regarding your question.

Do not romance any other character. During the Eternal Festival, return her kiss at the very end. Later on, during the chapter where she has a surprise meeting with you, pick all of the positive or supportive options. Choosing to side against His Majesty in the earlier chapter will increase the hidden score and give you slightly more leeway when selecting the options, but it is still possible to initiate the romance either way as long as you pick the most positive options.