Dragon Kin (WIP)

I know my comment was a replying to someone saying they wanted to play as a purple dragon kin with a tail instead of wings. That made me picture a purple version of Liza one of my favorites characters in Death March. :grinning:

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I dont have that problem you guys are having i can with whats given in the story fully envision what my MC looks like.

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Well, good on you.

I also like to imagine the MC’s true form as an anthropomorphic winged Western dragon for now. But I still prefer to know the author’s vision. And if the MC’s true form has a dragon tail, it would be awesome if we could use it as an effective/deadly weapon in combats.


Yeah getting hit by a dragon tail has to hurt a lot… that as a secondary weapon to be used as either a blunt attack or to trip up enemies would be as useful as the scene were the mc uses their wings to protect both themselves and their friend from the bandits.


It would be nice to have some unique hair colors. Gold hair can be bypassed as blonde to humans. I’m all for some unique colors with customization.

Like the eyes. Adding a rainbow color would be dope as hell. A swirling rainbow color. Don’t know exactly how it would be hidden though. Maybe the second eyelids can help since the glowing white eyes can be mistaken for light blue without perception lol.

A gold scale + swirling rainbow eyed dragon kin sounds crazy lol.

@Zarkrai if I remember correctly you enjoy dragon related stuff. So I wanted to mention you. Did not know if you’ve already played. If you have I apologize.


I imagine the mc similar to the protagonist of Crystal Story II

I didn’t finish the game and I only played it once when I was younger (as a child) and the protagonist was kind of marked in my mind with some dragon scales under the clothes and a tail but nothing complete just some areas that had scales like the neck.Sorry for the bad English.


Coding error (Plus you can pick two options for pride—not sure if that’s intentional or not tbh :sob:)

Also thank you for the big update!


I have to say I am really enjoying this WIP. My only request is save slots pretty please. It is frustrating to get to chapter two or three and have no ability to save for future updates


Author said this is planned for next update about the save that is.


thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it.


Hypnotic rainbow eyes. :rofl:


Yes lmfao. Just look into my eyes, everything is okay…




Well since people suggesting weird eye color how about adding heterocromic eyes as well.


The story has potential, but it feels extremely rushed. I’d say take your time draw out the beginning scenes a bit more, because it all flashes in a blur almost. I meet a kid barely got to know him, then get told we’re close. If there was more showing, not tell like scenes of Mc watching gavin train or them going shopping or playing together, I’ll feel more real. I know this is a work in progress, but this is just my advice since I really enjoyed it. Do more showing rather than telling, and you’ll be fine.


I read this WIP instead of going to sleep and I’m glad I did! My only regret is being so early so it’s still a bit short but I’ll gladly follow the process. My first thought was “dragons, meh…” but I’m SO glad I read because it changed my mind! There’s the perfect amount of descriptions (I love to read those, and they’re neither too short nor long). And the characters have names and feel fleshed out, no one feels two dimensional. I love reading the way we slowly but surely come into our power and learn. It feels accurate that we have to be around humans to learn their behavior and disguise ourselves. I also enjoy the pace of the story so far and the world building doesn’t feel like it’s thrown at us. Sorry if this is a bit jumbled I’m writing this on no sleep. Btw if anything happens to Gavin I’ll replay on high cruelty. Anyway kudos to you Author, I can’t wait for the next updates! Take care of yourself!


Just finished the demo and really enjoyed it excited for this !


Finally, I can become a humanoid Toothless.


Not a huge deal, but there is a bug- The elemental display after choosing your element and fleeing the village sometimes doesn’t show up, the page skips to the people reacting to the display in fear and awe.


In a way so I am. No knows about the camouflage yet and there is no fool prove way of preventing us from hiding in plain sight. Maybe it could happen soon on our trip with the adventurers if we slip up