Does "*if" work after minor update?


Alright, let me explain. Before this minor update on ChoiceScript less than a week ago, I was able to do the following:

*if maletech > 2
__You open your eyes barely, a computer monitor in front of you. Seems like you slept in the computer again! etc.
*if malechef > 2
__A porkchop sizzles in the frying pan. Many smells surround you. Your restaurant is really busy, better get working! etc.

I could approach a scene at the beginning depending on stats from the previous scene before the minor update (well, I consider it a minor update). But after I re-downloaded ChoiceScript according to the new minor update, I can’t do anything with the *if, even at choices. Meaning, the *if won’t work at all.

You sit at a bonfire. Time to cook something!
__#Cook empanadillas
____*if femalechef > 2
______Well, where’s the pan? And pass me the knife!
____*if malechef > 2
______I forgot the empanadillas! Oh no!
____I’m not a chef! Let Jack cook!
__#Cook porkchops
____*if femalechef > 2
______I forgot the porkchops! Oh no!
____*if malechef > 2
______Well, where’s the pan? And pass me the knife!
____I’m not a chef! Let Jack cook!

Even if I have the required stats, it still jumps the *if and goes to “I’m not a chef! Let Jack cook!”. The thing is, in the previous scene, there’s no way to result a different number in the stats. What I’m saying is that you can choose either “malechef” or “maletech”. If you choose one, you’ll end up being the one you choose.

What am I?
__#Male Chef
____Time to cook!
____*set malechef > +1
__#Male Technician
____Time to fix computers!
____*set maletech > +1

The default stats (without making choices) are: “malechef: 1, maletech: 1”. After choosing #Male Chef, you’ll end up with “malechef: 2, maletech1”. With malechef: 2, it’ll mean you’ll be a chef; if the rest of the stats are 1, they’ll be irrelevant to you being a chef. There can’t be no *elseif maletech > 2 if you have *if malechef > 2, because they’re completely different stats! Or am I wrong? Either way, that worked for me before the minor update. I hope there’s a different format to that, and that it hasn’t been disabled.
Can somebody help me with this? Unless it’s a real obvious new format that I’m not noticing.


“I’m not a chef let Jack cook” isn’t indented far enough to be under an if so that WILL always print when you select “Cook Porkchops” - what you need to do avoid that is put a *goto some_label under every single if, so it jumps it.

Also not sure why you’re making it so hard on yourself with the ifs, why not just do:

*if (profession = “tech”)
*if (profession = “chef”)

What’s with all the greater thans?