Does anyone have mad skillz in Ancient Greek?


I do, whats up?

The language or just general knowledge of *the* Ancient Greeks?

I’d assume the Classical era Greek language. (Unless you mean Linear B, does anyone alive actually know Linear B?)

i studied two years Greek in highschool but that’s all i dont think that’s want you want

I’ve taken a few upper-division courses on Greek History, if you’re looking for knowledge *of* the Ancient Greeks.

No, I need someone with mad skillz in Ancient Greek. Mine is rusty.

Alas, I do not have mad skillz in Ancient Greek, only skill at being mad at the Ancient Greeks.

I kno a little about the Greek culture … But I’m not an expert

I actually took two years of ancient Greek in college but I remember none of it.

I know someone who is of a Greek Nationality, @alexpap He told me he was born in Greece and helped me a lot in my game as well.

And what does the word 'mad skillz" even mean?

@BlueOwl358 “mad” can be used in slang to mean top-notch or high-quality. Skillz is just an intentional mispelling of “skills”.

Replacing the s with a z just sounds cooler.

That’s not what I meant, exactly why do you need someone with skills like? I am thinking it is related with CoV, considering the category. But do you need language skills, knowledge of their history, Greek life, wars?

Seems pretty obvious he needs something translated into Ancient Greek.

Personally, I think it’s something you could easily fake (who’s going to know that your babelfished Greek doesn’t actually parse correctly? Virtually nobody), but I suppose I can appreciate the commitment to accuracy.