Does anyone else love making maps?

I have been working on a few different projects at once, and this is a map I’ve been developing for my “medieval rags-to-riches” COG. I know it isn’t hyper realistic, but it works for the low fantasy world it’s going to be used for.

I’m curious, how many of you like to make fantasy maps just for fun?

The Island Kingdom of AETAS

The Duchy of Belshay (NW Aetas)

The Duchy of Gwenyr (NE Aetas)

I am still working on a close up of the bottom-half of the kingdom.


That is a good map! :eyes: I do create maps sometimes for my short stories because it really helps with the world-building. Looking forward to your game!


I have made a few… They’re not very in-depth. I’m not good at it, so it’s more like a vague shape with labels.

Most of my conworlding is to place my conlangs, which I actually get into in-depth sometimes.


This community needs its own worldbuilder’s society. :heart_eyes:


I love map making. My first fantasy stories were 90% map 10% narrative. :slight_smile:


Not a exactly a fan, since I’m bad drawing… but when I was in elementary school I loved drawing tresure maps and mazes.


What app do u use?


When I was an introverted child, I used to love making really elaborate and detailed street-maps of big fantasy cities. Haven’t done it for years tho. I wonder if there’s an app for that?

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I draw and color it with a mouse and Photoshop.
I really need to invest in a nice tablet.

I’ve seen a lot of great tutorials on Youtube for making detailed city maps, but I’ve never tried it myself. They mostly just use either Photoshop or GIMP.

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Oh, I also finished the other 2 sections of map I was missing before.

The Duchy of Avarel (SE Aetas)

The Duchy of Camina (SW Aetas)


This is incredibly good for using a mouse. I just assumed you had a drawing tablet.

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I was surprised at how many fantasy map brush sets there are available for free out there. They really make a lot of the detail work so much easier.

Oh, I haven’t used Photoshop so I don’t know what brushes exist. I use Krita. It’s… similar, but almost definitely not as good. But that’s why it’s free.

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Wow great effort

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I’m not very good but I create maps when I have time.

ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro

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My favorite books tend to be fantasy and sci-fi, with like 8 maps in the beginning. Before I even see the Prologue, I wanna see them MAPS.

Luckily I haven’t written the prologue yet, so I still have time to make maps.

Of course, I’d also need to learn how to make readable maps.

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No lore yet. Just a map I made in Paint :face_vomiting: while daydreaming during an online class.


That is so sick. I love the pixel art effect that MS Paint imbues everything with.

This is very well-crafted.

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Inkarnate is a good site even for beginners. They have extra content that can be purchased but the basic free for all content has a good selection. I got inspired to create cave maps after I read a Walking Dead fic that had Glenn setting up a safe base in a cave with the Dixons.