DnD Game?

Who’s game? I hope you’re not talking about me?

why not yours? what’s stopping you from making it?
you seems to have a good knowledge about DnD mechanics and features

and since only a small handful of games use mechanics similar to DnD, demands and expectations still hits the ceiling for games like that, which means you won’t have trouble finding your market and fanbase

so when will you start? :smirk:

Idk what made you think that I’m that knowledgeable about DnD AND have the skills to make a game. So I’ll answer that question in segments.

  1. Regarding my knowledge of “DnD”. My knowledge is probably at basic or close to intermediate level of knowledge. I can’t be compared to the super nerds (not meant as an insult) who’ve been playing DnD for years and decades even. Yeah, I played Kingmaker, WotR and BG3 but I haven’t beaten any of them yet. (Mostly because I can’t decide on a build).
  2. It’s shameful for me to admit this but I’m unemployed so I can’t even make my own money.
  3. I have no skills in making ANY kind of games nor do I have the required computer programming knowledge to even attempt one.
  4. Again, where did this idea of yours that I can make my own game come from? I’m really curious.

All in all, my skills sucks and is lackluster. The most I can do is at least provide my feedback and suggestions on some of the games here. @adrao can attest that my feedback was helpful at least. (At least I hope it was helpful). And believe me, if I could make my own game, I would. Whether it would be a DnD game or not is up to chance. One thing I could count on if, IF that had happened is that my game would be dragon and matured themed. And I mean very mature. But it would still have very strong RPG elements to it like DnD, Dragon Age Origins, BG3 and WKC2. (Man, I wished they made a sequel to WKC2).
There’s also a chance that I would’ve made a game similar to what @Beastup is doing with their Super Monster Evolution System game or @Ivan_WM “The Thousand of Us” just probably without the post-apocalyptic setting.


It was very good feedback! :slight_smile: Sorry that I haven’t replied specifically with a PM yet, I typically work on the changes and then later explain what I have done. Just, as happens from time to time I disappear from the forum when my daytime job gets a bit overwhelming… like now! :frowning:

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No hurry on that PM. Take your time.

@adrao Can you look at some of the images I recently posted on “The Thousand of Us” forum for a Necromancer MC. I wonder if some of those images might give you some ideas on characters and maybe additional necro powers for “Life as a Lich”. Maybe even some options on further customizing our MC in weapons and armors too. And overall style since those images looks badass. You could even use some of them as references for future Death Knights or other kinds of Death-related characters in “Life as a Lich”.