Difficulty Settings

So I recently implemented a difficulty setting in my WIP, but it seems entirely too complex.

What I ended up doing was just copy and pasting the entire chapter into two new scenes, labeling it as chapteroneeasy and chapteronerealistic, then have your choice take you to one of those. It works, but it is kind of a pain having so many scenes. Is that the easiest way of creating difficulty settings? Or am I missing something?

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It depends on what your difficulty means. If all it means is stat checks are more difficult, you can create a variable (“difficult”) and give it a value. Say that setting the game to realistic adds +10 to every stat check.

Now, for every stat check, just do

*if (ropeclimbing + difficult) >= 60

This has the advantage of allowing you to set many difficulty settings with just one or two lines of code, by tweaking the difficult variable.

Of course, if difficulty settings, for you, mean something else (different kinds of challenges) then, yes, you will need to write everything twice.


Ah darn. I guess I will just have to make a 2nd copy of everything :joy: What I’ve done is made it so that if you play realistic, you must input text to solve puzzles (along with harder stat checks). But in easy, the puzzles are just multiple choice. Oh well, thanks for clearing that up!

One other question… I wasn’t sure whether or not to include the separate modes as compounding word counts. Like, easy mode (8500 words) + realistic mode (8500 words) = 17000 words. Seems like a cheap way to fluff word count… but are you supposed to include it?

It might be easier to do something like this:

You come across a devious puzzle that asks for an answer!

*if (difficulty = "hard")
   *input_text guess
*elseif (difficulty = "normal")
      #Guess 1
      #Guess 2

That way, you will only need to modify the choices instead of copy-pasting text.


Yeah, I probably wouldn’t include a straight-up cut-and-pasted part in a word count.

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