Difficulty accessing forum in Safari

I’m not sure which forum subsection this sort of inquiry goes into, but I hope this is the right one. Lately I’ve been having difficulty opening the forum, but it’s difficult to describe the exact circumstances. I use Safari as a web browser, and if I try to open the forum pages saved into my browser history from a new tab or even access it from the main COG webside, 9/10 times the page will not load, especially if it’s one I’ve already opened via this method. If the page does load then I can access the forum freely, but more often than not the page stops loading and I’m left with a blank white page. If anyone knows what’s going on and/or is experiencing a similar glitch, I’d appreciate any help and advice that can be offered.

Do you have the same issue if you try another browser? I’m not sure what the issue could be since I don’t use Safari but perhaps someone else around here does know. If you can’t get an answer here, perhaps if you ask at http://meta.discourse.org they’ll be able to assist.

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