Forum Block - Malicious Site


Is anyone else having security issues getting to the forum? Today, Firefox refused to let me onto the site and asked me to report it as a malicious site by marking it off. I also had the same block come up with explorer but I proceeded to website anyway.

^^— This is the message I get using internet explorer.


Yes, the security certification expired today - I put a note into a mod but lets flag your post too…

Edit: Here is the “explanation” from the Help Files:

[quote] The certificate expired on (date)
The certificate expired on date (…)


This error occurs when a website’s identity certification has expired.

The error text will also show the current date and time of your system. In case this is incorrect, set your system clock to today’s date and time (double-click the clock icon on the Windows Taskbar) in order to fix the problem. [/quote]


This happens from time to time as I believe the host is being attacked not CoG site.


What @Eiwynn said. It’s the security certificate. I’ve only been able to get on here through my phone. :cry:


Oh okay. Thank you all for the explanation. I wasn’t sure if it was on my end or if someone had been flagging the forum or some other thing like that.


If you use Firefox, you can add an exception to your security list by going into the “advance” button then “add exception”

I only added a temporary exception as the certificate should be updated soon.


@Eiwynn maybe right but I know the host has been attacked in the past.


But that more or less shut down the site itself for some time. I’ve gotten the same message a few times, from what I can tell its just that it expired today.


A girl is always right … right? :rose:


@Eiwynn That’s okay. I’ll just wait for them to fix their certificate. Thank you though, I didn’t know I could add an exception.

@Lordirish That would be a shame if the website went down from attackers. I don’t even want to imagine all the problems that could cause everyone.

@Razgriz Ah, this is a first for me from the computer. Hopefully it’s rectified soon. I don’t like using explorer. @Lithophene at east you can get on though, that’s a plus side.


For me Chrome for Android is the one blocking the site, but I was able to open the forums on the desktop (also using Chrome), and Mozilla for Android.


yes! i am one of you~
but i also click enter inside~


yep got the same problem here but on chrome. Thought i got hit with some malware again.

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Thank God,I thought my phone was fucked up or something.

Glad to see that this is not the case.

Just wait it out.It’ll all go back to normal eventually.


Urgh I always use my phone and now the app would link to a page that "isn’t secure’

Now I’ve got to do like, 30 extra clicks. Urghhh…


Yes just the expired certificate. I have to turn my clock back a day and it works fine. (Just worked that one out, just thought the site was down earlier today)

Forum Error: Connection Not Private?

Withdrawals already? I thought writers weren’t addicts… :wink:


*Withdrawals already? I thought writers weren’t addicts… *

Really? News to me (j/k) :smile:


That is why I have a chatroom as back up lol but also have many contacts from here on google plus, Skype, and twitter to lessen the pain of withdrawal. :smile:


Or, we can use the down time to actually work on our stories… :rose:

Although I just pushed an update yesterday so I’m covered for a couple more days before guilt and anxiety starts in :slight_smile: