Difference between a Hosted Game and CoG author?


What are the major and important differences between Choice of Games and Hosted Games?


CoG publishes only established authors (mostly) and pays an advance, as well as covering art and editing. Minimum length 100,000 words.

HG publishes anyone and pays no advance. You pay for your own art assets. Minimum length 30,000 words.

Both pay 25% of the net take as royalties to the author.


Are you sure? I thought CoG paid less.


Royalties from CoG depend on the advance the author chooses: https://www.choiceofgames.com/looking-for-writers


I didn’t notice that they changed their payment agreements for official authors! For years it used to be either 25% royalties with IP rights or $10,000 without IP rights. I like these new methods better, as you now always keep your IP rights and get to choose between a bigger advance and less royalties or a smaller advance and more royalties.