Didn't someone start an overview of the average playthrough length?

While searching through the forum something occurred to me:

I’m certain someone at some point started to list games in the library by wordcount and playthrough length, but I can’t find it anymore.

Was it deleted?

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Is this or this what you’re thinking of?


No, but similar to the first one. It was basically stats that included the average wordcount you’d see per playthrough on CoGs and HGs (dunno if Hearts too)

There was this one as well.

Thanks, but that isn’t it either :frowning: All these are listing the total wordcount (usually with code). I’m looking for a list that had both: the total wordcount, and the average playthrough length.

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I don’t actually remember ever seeing a list like that! I feel like average playthrough length is so hard to calculate already if you’re not the author–I don’t remember someone making a list having it? Maybe I’m wrong, though! :thinking:

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I’d not be surprised if whoever tried it gave up. The library is massive, and finding an average would mean copypasting every file for a game and then running it through randomtest.