Dashingdon help...?

Sorry in advance if this is REALLY stupid, wow.
I don’t usually save passwords, but I’ve tried logging into my dashingdon with all of the usual assets and whatnot, and it doesn’t work. No problem, I type in my email, click reset password…and no email to be found. Yes, I looked very hard and waited aha.
Checked in spam and all that.
I feel like this is the wrong place to ask this sorta question, but I’m not sure where else I would…deep apologies for those who are currently victim to my latest nonsense.
I would create a new account, but I would not want to be accused of spam.
Thank you so so much…I am tired and loopy and apologize once more for my babbling.

Ehr…I feel like you should’ve posted this directly to dashingon’s thread. The creator is normally active…

Oh, I’m so sorry!!! Uh…where do I find that? Oops.

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Please feel free to private message me and I’d be happy to sort this out. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!

Thank you so much!

I’m having trouble understanding how to overwrite my files on DashingDon. I found an error I had in my coding, and fixed it, but I can’t change the files on DashingDon. I’ve tried selecting the updated file and uploading it, but that doesn’t do anything. I can’t seem to delete anything either. How do you overwrite your files?

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If you upload a file with the exact same name as the first one it should automatically overwrite the previous version on Dashingdon.

So far it hasn’t. It’s the choicescript_stats.txt file.

I completely reloaded DashingDon and now it’s fixed everything. Does it take time or does it require you to do a full reload after every overwrite?

I had the very same problem with my updates. I suppose Dashington have some kind of delay until its proxies update your uploads to the latest version.

Weird. Well, I know now if I want the updates to be completed, I have to do a full reload.

It’s probably your browser caching. Don said he fixed this by adding a forced full-reload, but for good measure, always go SHIFT + F5 whenever you reload your game.

Personally, updating is very quick on my end. I would have the upload tab on standby while I actively open the game tab. Whenever I see a bug, I would simply press the upload button and refresh the game tab (kinda old-fashioned way to do it, but it works for me).

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I agree with this. If in doubt as to whether something has updated properly, start it in a private window or clear your cache.

The other thing I’ve seen happen, is if you idle for too long dashingdons can log you out of the upload page, but it’ll still look like you’re uploading files successfully if you add them. To check if that’s the case, reload the upload page and log in again if necessary.

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