Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting

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I’ve been trying to reset my password on Dashingdon.com and I keep getting the message that a new password was sent to my email address… except I never receive the email (not even in the spam folder). Is there something to be done about that?

I am having the same issue as @Mockingbird. I have also tried my other addresses (in case I completely misremembered which one I signed up with) but I haven’t received any password reset emails.

@dashingdon - I only signed up to this forum recently and as such cannot direct message you about it yet.

I don’t see any members in dashingdon matching your forum username. Please feel free to email don@donelliston.com directly and I’ll get this issue sorted out for you.

Question: @dashingdon, is the site still using the “old” saving plug-in from @CJW, or the new saving plugin?

Edit: Never mind, my original problem was solved (dumb oversight on my end), but I’m curious about the new saving plugin regardless!

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Still using the old one from a few months ago. Haven’t gotten it updated but will soon.


For what it’s worth you have my undying gratitude for what you’ve done, it means a lot to me.

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Howdy dashingdon people I have had some of my playtesters come back with the following comment about the savegame feature on Dashingdon

can’t reload save files when they are put in the save slot 0 alone. When I use both save slots 0 and 1, save slot 1 will override the former slot so that both save slots are the same even though they’re not intended to.

I’m using
*sm_init HKBO | 3

… at the end of startup.txt

Any idea of what I’ve done wrong?