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Let’s otherwise get this back to direct discussion about Dashingdon. Thanks!


I’ve been trying to reset my password on Dashingdon.com and I keep getting the message that a new password was sent to my email address… except I never receive the email (not even in the spam folder). Is there something to be done about that?

I am having the same issue as @Mockingbird. I have also tried my other addresses (in case I completely misremembered which one I signed up with) but I haven’t received any password reset emails.

@dashingdon - I only signed up to this forum recently and as such cannot direct message you about it yet.

I don’t see any members in dashingdon matching your forum username. Please feel free to email don@donelliston.com directly and I’ll get this issue sorted out for you.

Question: @dashingdon, is the site still using the “old” saving plug-in from @CJW, or the new saving plugin?

Edit: Never mind, my original problem was solved (dumb oversight on my end), but I’m curious about the new saving plugin regardless!

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Still using the old one from a few months ago. Haven’t gotten it updated but will soon.


For what it’s worth you have my undying gratitude for what you’ve done, it means a lot to me.

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Howdy dashingdon people I have had some of my playtesters come back with the following comment about the savegame feature on Dashingdon

can’t reload save files when they are put in the save slot 0 alone. When I use both save slots 0 and 1, save slot 1 will override the former slot so that both save slots are the same even though they’re not intended to.

I’m using
*sm_init HKBO | 3

… at the end of startup.txt

Any idea of what I’ve done wrong?

This is probably due to an issue with CJW’s save plugin that may be compounded by the fact that the dashingdon site has not been update in a while. I’ll look into it and update both CS and the plugins soon.


No rush, thanks for letting me know. I just added an additional slot to the save which is a good enough workaround for now.

Hi @dashingdon. I tried to upload a compiled html file, however I seem to be getting a 404 error when I try to play it. Could that be because I have image scenes from CSIDE do you think? Or is there something I need to tick to enable it to be playable? Thanks :slight_smile:

(BTW no hurry to reply. I can host at itch.io instead. Was just wondering :slight_smile: )

Actually it’s failing to upload I can see now. Could be because the html file is more than 1mb I think?

Hmm it could be. Would you be willing to send the file to don@donelliston.com so that I can troubleshoot uploading it?

I’m not sure why your account didn’t have the upload limit override enabled. The limits are off now so if it was a issue with the size it should be fixed.

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Hi @dashingdon. Thank you for doing that :slight_smile: (I don’t think I ever asked to have the upload limit changed as usually I’m only uploading little text files.) I just tried uploading it again but it’s still saying 0 files uploaded. Sure, I can send it across if you’d like it for troubleshooting. Don’t worry about it if it’s just for me though as I managed to get it running hosted at itch.io. I was mainly asking as I sometimes make games with mods that won’t play unless I compile them, so was wondering if there were any limitations (like size) for them over on your site, but sounds like it might just not like something about this particular file for some reason.

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I’m trying to upload my files to Dashingdon, though I’m noticing only 20 of the 29 files actually upload. The other 9 don’t. When I try to test the game I get a 404 error. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

You can only upload up to 20 files at a time. Try uploading the other 9 separately.


That worked, thanks.

It’s currently not working atm not sure if due to connection or it’s under maintenance?

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Not sure if it’s under maintenance, but it’s likely not your connection. This seems to be a forum wide issue.

Is there a way to contact anyone to find out was is going on?

I haven’t been able to access the site either…