Dangerous Games: Kindred Spirits

You’re Shamrock #1 bestselling author. Witnessing the murder of a drug Lord king son has placed your life in jeopardy. A day before you were tossed into witness protection you received a call from your father’s trusted lawyer who relayed the news that your father was gunned down by unknown assailants. Without a choice you were forced to move back home to Austin Lake, the place you swore you would never return to. This story is romance based. Mature audience only.

  • Romance 1 of 2 ROS
  • Play as a man, woman or non-binary
  • Be thrown in a life of chaos - changing diapers, having sleepless nights all the while trying to stay hidden and worst of all trying to meet your deadline.
  • Can two broken souls really find love again?

Tag: explicit language. Violence. Explicit sex scenes. Flashback. Babies. Dirty diapers. Normal day to day life. Ex-boyfriends/girlfriends.

ROS and Descriptions

Massimo Salvatore
Age: Unknown
Job: Unknown
Origins: Unknown (Recently moved next door to you.)


He stood tall, at least 180cm, with a commanding presence that was hard to ignore. His shoulder-length hair was a rich, dark chestnut, thick and lustrous, framing his chiseled features like a velvet curtain. His eyes were as dark as midnight, seemingly bottomless. While they may have been ordinary in shape, there was something hypnotic about them.

Prominent cheekbones and a sharp jawline gave him a dangerous, yet approachable look, like a wild animal that might just purr in your lap. His lips, a perfect rosebud red, curved slightly in a smug smile, as if he knew a secret joke that no one else did.

But what truly set him apart was his skin - translucent, flawless, and utterly divine. Not a single blemish, freckle, or imperfection marred its creamy expanse, making him an Adonis among men. And that beauty spot under his left eye? The perfect finishing touch, like a tiny signature on a masterpiece.

Calanthal/Calendre Rowanelle

Nickname: Calla/Calen
Age: 26
Job: Waitress and Pole Dancer
Origin: Austin Lake

Female appearance:

Her golden-brown skin was a masterpiece of perfection, without a single blemish or imperfection to be found. Her eyes were like sapphires, shimmering with a deep blue profundity that seemed to see right through to the soul. Her cheeks were like ripe plums, flushed with a subtle hint of red that added to her allure. And her lips… oh, her lips were a true work of art. Red, luscious, and bewitching, they seemed to beckon all who gazed upon them.

Standing at least 160cm tall, her hourglass figure was a sight to behold, a true masterpiece of curves and contours. She was a goddess, a true vision of beauty, and yet… she seemed utterly oblivious to the impact she had on those around her. She moved with a grace and innocence that was both captivating and heartbreaking, leaving a trail of mesmerized admirers in her wake.

Male Appearance:

His golden-brown skin was a masterpiece of perfection, without a single blemish or imperfection to be found. His eyes were like sapphires, shimmering with a deep blue profundity that seemed to pierce right through to the soul. His cheekbones were chiseled, with a subtle hint of red that added to his rugged allure. And his lips… oh, his lips were a true work of art. Full, luscious, and inviting, they seemed to beckon all who gazed upon them.

Standing at least 180cm tall, his athletic build was a sight to behold, a true masterpiece of muscle and contour. He was a god, a true vision of masculinity, and yet… he seemed utterly oblivious to the impact he had on those around him. He moved with a confident grace and a hint of mischief that was both captivating and heartbreaking, leaving a trail of mesmerized admirers in his wake.




It’s far too short for anyone to give you honest feedback at this point but I did notice a mistake that when you’re picking your name, the option to put in your first and last name has the word “surname” in it.

cant go into stats

also going down the line might be important to have saves,

How to add saving

make sure you to put this in startup(at the bottom)

sm_init nameofgamehere | number of save slots here

so in your case

*sm_init kindredspirits | 5

and tick this on dashingdon
put *comment before the *sm_init kindredspirits | 5 for when you are playtesting the code, and then remove it whenever you’re going to upload the files to dashingdon and repeat


I think it’s on purpose, since the lawyer says he didn’t know of a name change so he uses your old surname instead of your new one.


Just the introduction chapter. (Prologue and typical me). Not a mistake. The mc changed their surname after getting kicked out of their father’s house. Thanks for reading. :grin:

Saves will be implemented in later updates. Taking a screenshot for future use. Thanks kind stranger. :upside_down_face:

Also stats won’t be avaliable until next chapter update with the introduction of our RO’s.

Just wow you pick my interest I’m not really into romance like this but wow I would not see a man like that in my life I would actually laugh if my father was that type of Brute and he passed away like that I just want to see how this will go out you just picked my interest

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Since this is a relatively short demo I’ll keep many things in mind while writing this early on review.

Admiration: I feel it’s still far too early in the story to say what is admirable, but the writing is quite nice, if a bit rushed so to speak.

Problems: First and foremost, the stat screen doesn’t work nor are there saves, as others have said before. The relative importance at the moment I see can get lost but should be implemented later down the line.

Critics: The story just feels lacking so far. The war isn’t clear though context clues could probably say it’s a gang war between two different mobs by the death of one family’s son. The witness protection aspect upon seeing the death of the mobs son doesn’t really make sense if we don’t know who died. Was it the Romanos family son? Was it their lifetime rival the Giottas? Some more backstory to the events would be nice. The same can be said about the abusive father, why was he the way he was? Was he a poor laborer who beat their child in anger and drank away his savings? A rich man who felt no love for his child so beat them out of spite? Raging alcoholic turned abusive or a psychopath? Just some more back story would be greatly appreciative.


The demo is pretty short, so I don’t have too much feedback, but I will say tagging “dirty diapers” in the tags made my laugh.

One thing I think would improve it so far is I think signaling to the audience that the first surname choice wasn’t your current surname as I was a bit confused why it asked me twice, especially since both of them had the option of entering in a new one.


The witness protection scene will be the opening of Chapter 1. I intentionally didn’t include it in the prologue, as a prologue should be a brief introduction, like the opening of a grand speech. The two families at war are the Perez family and another family, which will remain unnamed for now to avoid spoilers. The underworld knows them, but they’re like the boogeyman - a feared and mysterious presence. As the story unfolds, we’ll explore how your introverted main character became entangled in this conflict. The abusive father’s backstory will be revealed through flashbacks. With a story spanning over half a million words, it’s impossible to include all the details in the first 1000 words. The less we know at the beginning, the better.

Your observation skills are top-notch! Consider this: when you watch a movie trailer on YouTube, it often reveals too much of the plot, including the starting point and the entire storyline. In such cases, do you still feel inclined to watch the movie, even though you already know what’s going to happen?


Is there only one female possible RO?

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Yes, while I haven’t ruled out the possibility of adding another romantic option (RO) in the future, I believe that having an RO who doesn’t contribute to the story in any way is unnecessary. That’s why I’ve limited the ROs to just two, Calendre and Massimo, who are both crucial to the plot.

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Can Massimo be male or female like Calendre?

It wasn’t possible to make Massimo gender-selectable, as certain character traits and his family dynamics wouldn’t allow for it. Coming from a patriarchal family, Massimo’s father believed in the importance of male heirs, saying, ‘Men carry on the bloodline, while women are used as sacrificial lambs to pave the way for male heirs.’ He lived a long, healthy life, with 170 wives and 200 children. May he rest in peace.


Sounds interesting will we become a killing manchine ahha

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No, you will not be a killing machine; your MC is an author. :sweat_smile:

I’ve never seen IF where MC was the writer :o

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Unfortunately, there really isn’t much I can say that could work as meaningful feedback, considering how short the demo is right now. However, the premise seems interesting enough that I’ll play it again and try to offer worthwhile thoughts and opinions, once there’s more to go off of.

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Thanks for checking out the demo! I’ll look forward to your feedback and others’ when the time comes. :saluting_face: